Survey Finds More#People #Think About #Dating During The #Holidays


The days of meeting like-minded singles in bars or being set up by friends are a thing of the ancient past, as most people nowadays are turning to online dating to meet people.

This is even more of a thing come holiday season. Looks like more people would rather be swiping and looking for dates than chatting up Grandma over a glass of eggnog. A new survey by popular dating app Coffee Meets Bagel has found that people are more likely to think about dating during this time and report an increase in dating app usage.

“Post-Christmas to mid-January is the biggest time of year for online dating,” says CMB Co-Founder and COO Dawoon Kang.

“On December 26th last year we saw a 71% jump in sign-ups, and another 44% jump on January 1st. The first week of January also saw the highest activity level of the year.”

Interesting. Kang attributes these Christmas trends to cuffing season, when folks are looking for winter relationships, and to the New Year, which is often associated with new beginnings.

CMB polled over 800 of their members on December 11th this year and found that over 60% of people reported thinking more about dating during the holiday season. 46% of the respondents said that this was because they reflect more on life during this time while 43% said they give more thought to dating as a result of spending more time with friends and family.

To my surprise, some people are just a lot more self-absorbed than I would hope and are actually just in it for arm candy.

42% of respondents said that the main reason they consider dating more during this period is because they want dates to accompany them to holiday parties. A little selfish, am I right?

Sure, the idea of going to a party alone can be a little uncomfortable but it can also be incredibly liberating. No need to introduce your date to anyone, no need to answer to any awkward questioning about how long you’ve been dating or when you’re planning to settle down, and besides it’s just a lot more convenient in a lot of ways. Whatever you do, avoid roaching your date, especially during the holidays because well, that’s just awful.