Svetlana Pavlova


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I am normal, easygoing, smart, intelligent and nice woman. Nothing extraordinary in my character and no extra expectations for life.

I am looking for adequate, serious man, someone who is ready to have relationship with Russian lady. Married and perverted,,stupid and foolish, aggressive and rude people please stay away from this profile.

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Claims to be living in Orenburg

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I’m looking serious contact. If you are searching the same, I would like to get acquainted to you.
Svetlana  15 février 2018 18:51

Hello, F….. I mean I am looking for normal life with adequate serious men. I don’t look for magnificent life, I just want to love and be loved. What qualities in woman are important for you?
Svetlana  16 février 2018 18:29

ok, thank you for answer. I love ? to have a man to share my soul with him. I want man to have him as a friend, defender, lover in a passionate caring serious relations. I am looking for kind, caring, loyal, responsible, confident man. Have you ever been to Russia?
Svetlana  17 février 2018 06:39

Nice to have your replay too. I appreciate you told me more about you. I have never visited foreign countries and France. But I would like to see your country. I must go soon, but I would really like to know you better. And it would be nice to get more of your photos. If you write your email address, I can send you some general information about me directly to your mail and also attach some photos of me. Of course if you don’t mind.
Svetlana  17 février 2018 10:58

Hello, Francois.
Did you get my last introducing email? My name on Russian Cupid is
You gave me email address, so I wrote to you. I have sent you small message
with photos, but still didn’t get anything from you. I wonder if you are still interested
in me or not? Hope to have answer from you soon.
Have a good day.

Hello, Francois. Thank you for writing back.
I liked your profile and I am glad we continue our talk.
I am sorry for that bad translation of my words in French! I never wanted to say I want a man with Sufficient financing 🙂
I am real and decent woman, so please don’t worry to share your personal information with me.
I look for foreigner, because I want to try relationship with a man of new culture.
I would be happy to continue to learn you, because I have found you as an interesting, decent and considerable person.
I believe we need to exchange by emails with some general information, so we can find out about common values and decide if we match to each other.
You are in a good age, so please don’t worry. I am looking for matured and experienced man, but not for young infantile boy. Russian ladies usually get married to considerably older Western men, although it does not mean that they do prefer older husbands.
The reason why women still go for older foreign men is that if a woman has ventured to look for a foreign match, she wants to make sure she will have a stable life and security.
Marrying a man who is older than herself she feels more secure than is he was of the same age, even though they would have the same financial security.
In Russia it is not uncommon when men divorce after 30 and find younger wives – and this is the last thing that a woman wants to happen to her in a strange country. Women want to make sure their marriage to a foreign man will be stable. Marriages between older men and young women always took place in real life, with many of them being stable and happy.
F….., let me to tell you a few things about myself. I am 34 years old, I was born in 1983 y. I will be 35 in December, 1, so you can see I am enough mature and experienced woman.
On the photos I send you can see that I have blue-grey eyes, blond hair, skinny shape. I don’t have any tattoos and piercings except of my ears. My hight is 168 cm, my weight is around 51-52 kg. I live in Russia and my nationality is Slavic. I have never been married and have no kids. I am University educated and I am able to speak and write in English, unfortunately I can’t speak French. I have also tried to learn German in school, but I can’t speak on this language, because I forgot it.
At this moment of life I work in small company as an advertising agent. I do some marketing things and I am also involved in sales.
I have calm, affectionate, caring, patient, kind character. I am not drama queen at all! I hate arguments, crying, complaining and fighting with people. My friends consider me as an intelligent, hardworking, understanding, self-confident and positive person who likes to have fun. I believe I also have good sense of humor, but this statement comes proceeding from my own opinion. 🙂

What more you should know about me? As normal human, I have interests and hobbies, but nothing extraordinary. I guess will tell more about them in next letter.
I have an open heart and I am ready to love a man I choose. You must know that I look for a lifetime relationship, not an endless virtual flirt and not a banal love affair with short meetings for sex…. I want to find kind, responsible, strong, confident man. I need someone who knows what he wants in future and someone who is ready for serious relationship with foreign woman.

I am looking for a man who is not connected with someone else and have no other women in his life. So, such things should be found out in the beginning.