Swipe right for# transgender: Tinder gets an #identity #overhaul to make #dating app more #inclusive


Dating app Tinder has just unveiled a new option for those who don’t solely identify as male or female.

The new feature, which was rolled out just ahead of Sydney’s Mardi Gras parade on Saturday, means users are now able to edit their selection using a ‘More Genders’ option.

Previously those on the dating app could only select between the ‘male’ and ‘female’ options rather select the gender they identified with.

This means those who are transgender, non-binary and gender fluid can now edit their profile information to match their gender.

Those using the dating app can now also decide whether their gender information displays on their profile (previously this information was impossible to remove).

The update was developed in conjunction with trans advocacy organisation Transgender Victoria.

A spokesperson for the organisation, Sally Goldner said the move was an important one because it helped trans and gender diverse people to be seen positively.

Speaking to FEMAIL, Ms Goldner said: ‘It’s important to validate people for who they are and to give people options to communicate in their language.’