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I wasn’t going to post this exposure, but after not hearing from Syreeta Palmer for a year, out of the blue she sends me a message in April telling me that she was looking at my profile and saw lots of pictures of my son, but none of my husband. She wanted to know if we were still together because she still had feelings for him and believes that if she would have had a better paying job that my husband would have chosen to be with her. I have since blocked her from my profile (my husband has had her blocked for over a year), but still want others to know about her. I apologize for the long post, but I wanted to get out as much as I could.

My husband and I met 7 years ago and our relationship developed fast. We were living together within a month and it seemed serious. We agreed that cheating was anything you wouldn’t do when your significant other was around, or wouldn’t want them seeing. He was the one who voiced this definition and I thought that this was great. Finally, someone who cared about a relationship like I did. 7 months in, he told me that when he went to OCS (Officer Candidate School) for the Army, that he did not want a girlfriend. I was hurt and decided that if he didn’t want to be with me then that I would end things and not drag it out. I ended up moving to Colorado. 18 months later he contacts me to see how I am. He comes to visit and everything goes back to how it was. He told me when he moved to Texas in 2 months he wanted me to move with him. He was going to be deploying soon after he got to Texas, but wanted me to be there when he got back so we could get married. I agreed and packed all my stuff to move there in 2010. Things were great and we were enjoying spending time together before he left. He started to get texts and was telling me it was from this girl he was seeing after I moved. She was asking why he was with me and if I was pregnant and blackmailing him to be with me. I told him it bothered me yet nothing was done and they kept coming. On December 16, 2010, I sent Syreeta a message on Facebook telling her that I was his girlfriend and I knew she knew about me. I told her I wasn’t pregnant and didn’t need to blackmail him because he wanted to be with me. I told her if she continued to contact him that I would tell her all the things he had said about her. She said she would never contact him again. She lives in Alabama and had this whole time….

He deployed in December 2010, came home in July 2011 for R&R (2 week break during deployment), went back, and came home in December 2011. During R&R, I got pregnant. I didn’t want to have a child without being married but didn’t want to pressure him into marrying me. He thought it would be best if we married and we worked on getting a proxy marriage while he was deployed. Paperwork got sent back and lost in the mail, so long story short, the marriage didn’t happen until January 2012. For Christmas 2011 he got me a ring. I posted a picture online and tagged him (important for later). My son was born in April of 2012, and things were ok. We argued some because my son was very fussy and I was hoping he would be a more involved father. On July 11, 2012, my husband had left to go buy something off of Craigslist and he left his Facebook logged in. I was nosy and checked his messages. What I found upset me deeply. While he had deleted a majority of the messages, there were messages from about a week back telling him how she wants him and she can’t believe he is with me. That she is better than me and he is only with me because I make more money than her. Telling him all the things she wished he was doing to her. Then there was a message from him saying, “You have no idea how much I wish I was rubbing, kissing, fingering and f****** cupcake! I think about all those things all the time.” You see, she calls her vagina “cupcake”. I sent my husband a text telling him I wanted a divorce and he asked why. I told him to ask Syreeta. I sent her a message on Facebook simply saying “Enjoy.” She kept trying to find out what that was about, but I did not respond. She sent multiple messages and said that he told her that I said I wanted a divorce and that she didn’t mean to get between us. That he only used her for sex and it was all physical. I didn’t respond to her messages. My husband told me that he wanted to be with me and wasn’t interested in her. He only talked to her because she was always happy to hear from him and didn’t nag him like I did. I always said I would only get married once and I would do whatever it took to make things work. I didn’t want my child to grow up without his father and so I told him that I would give him another chance under the condition that he didn’t lie to me again and would block her from Facebook. He agreed and we stayed together.

Two months later (September 2012) she sent me more messages. She was saying that she wouldn’t be happy if her husband was thinking about another woman when he masturbated and that “when he f*cks you he is thinking about me.” That the only reason he was with me was because I made more money than her and that he was her first love and had broken her heart over and over again. She said that while he was overseas that he was messaging her asking for pictures and to get on Skype and that he contacted her first. I was shocked. He said that he didn’t talk to anyone but me while he was deployed so I asked her if she had proof of him talking while he was deployed. She said she had all the Facebook messages and would send those to me. She couldn’t figure out how to copy them, so she gave me her login and password so I could get in her account. What I found was like a kick in the stomach. From March 2, 2011 (while he was deployed) all the way to August 2012, there were messages between them. I copied them all on a Word document so I could read. It ended up being 343 pages.

He did send her a message in March asking her who she was talking about from a Facebook post about not being able to over “this man.” That started the messaging back and forth. Within two weeks they were talking about sending pictures to each other and how they missed each other’s bodies. Bringing up sexual things they did in the past and what they would do if they were with each other now. Multiple times while he was deployed he wouldn’t speak to her for several days or even a week and she would send him messages asking if he was mad at her and what did she do wrong. If he stopped talking to her, she would say, “Are you scared?” You know men. They don’t want anyone to think they are scared of anything, especially a woman. She said specifically, “It made me miss you that much more and that’s not a good thing bc u have a girlfriend.” She asked him directly, “Do you love her?” and he said, “Yes I do…I am just bad.” We spent Christmas (2011) in Alabama after he got back and she was messaging him that she hoped they would “run” in to each other. I was with him whenever he left, so thankfully this didn’t happen. I am unsure my husband would be able to control himself around the person he has told others has the “perfect body.” In January when we were married she messaged him and asked if it were true. He said yes and didn’t speak to her again. In February and again in June she sent him messages. He responded to the one in June and this started them chatting daily about getting a side phone. He mentioned it first and she would not let it go. She asked about it no less than 9 times and he kept telling her it would be hard to hide. I am sending in pictures of some of the things she said that shows that she knew he was taken, first as his girlfriend, and then as his wife.

She told me that he had blocked her and that if he ever tried to contact her again she would tell me. She wanted me to know that she didn’t want to break us up because she wasn’t that type of chick. I told her that it isn’t “breaking us up,” that we are married, and not dating. A month later (October) she sends another message apologizing and saying she is in a better place. Come September 2013, we now live in Virginia and my husband says, “Oh, by the way, guess who sent me a message?” I already get knots in my stomach and ask who. He says that Syreeta has created a second Facebook page to contact him. It is under Reeta Cupcke (Sexypony). I am livid. I send her a message asking why she would create a new page to contact him. She said she just needed to apologize to him and get closure. That she found someone and had moved on.

In April of 2014, we were moving to Mississippi from Virginia. We get into a fight the night before we are to drive down there. He decides that he is not stopping in North Carolina to see my family and is instead going straight to Alabama to see his Dad and son. I am very upset. We end up apologizing and deciding I would stay in NC for 2 days then come down to Alabama. Once we got to Mississippi, I saw on his phone that he had a message from a profile with no picture. I asked about it and he said it was none of my business. He has an iPhone 5s so he has a fingerprint lock along with a passcode he changes regularly (hiding much). I knew it was from her so I asked her about it and she said he was asking if she still lived in Huntsville. I told her that he was there a couple days before me and was probably looking to meet up. She assured me that they didn’t. I occasionally visit her Facebook pages to see what kind of stuff she is posting. On her Reeta Cupcke page, she posts “I’m guessing I’m not going to hear back from B! Which is understandable, but I would love to talk to him,” on June 4, 2014. I know she is talking about my husband because she would call him B in the messages when he was deployed. I asked my husband if he knew anything and he said he hadn’t talked to her since April when he asked if she still lived in Huntsville. He left his Facebook logged in one day so I know that he had asked her how her surgery went and then didn’t respond to her other messages.

I am so sick of her constantly popping back up. He doesn’t speak to her and then all of a sudden she sends a message. She doesn’t have his cell number and only contacts him through Facebook from her second Facebook account. She has openly admitted that she understands that he is married but is still upset he doesn’t message her back. He has never told her he loved her or that he wanted a relationship with her, even when they were “dating.” She has agreed that he never lied about his intentions. As far as I know, he has never physically cheated on me, just messaging inappropriately. This is still cheating, by our definition, but I take my vows seriously. For better or for worse, and I am trying to get past this. Syreeta, you know he is married, yet you don’t care. I am hoping the people of Huntsville see this and watch out for this “woman.” In 2014 she still lived with her mom and sister and didn’t have a job. She has bragged on Facebook about how the guy coming to fix her ceiling is all over her and offering to buy her cigarettes and alcohol and give her money. I know my husband is also to blame. My husband and I are still married. I would like to say things are great, but they could be better. I still have trust issues, but he did block her second Facebook profile, which she eventually deleted. I want nothing more than for my son to grow up in a 2 parent household. I have told myself that if he is cheating (messages, texts, pictures, anything) one more time, then I am done. I hope I am strong enough to stick to that if it ever happens.

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    I really hope for your sake and that of ur son’s that he wouldn’t repeat such rotten behavior again. She keeps popping up bcos he keeps responding, and she could easily create another fbk account just to get in touch with him again cos this thing reeks of Desperation. I Hate to be the messenger of doom but something tells me that since he didn’t sleep with “cupcake” according to what you said, if he ever meets with her in person he won’t stop to think twice about it. Just be prepared cos u can never be too sure and keep ur eyes peeled.

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