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COVID-19 Update, And Preparing For Severe Weather (March 9, 2020) – Houston Public Media

Houston Matters begins at 9 a.m. CT on 88.7FM or listen online. Join the discussion at 713-440-8870, talk@houstonmatters.org or @HoustonMatters. On Monday’s Houston Matters: We get the latest on the COVID-19 situation in Greater Houston. Also this hour: An expert from the National Weather Service helps prepare for severe weather…

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#romancescams | Federal Trade Commission: California Is Scam Capital, U.S.A California has been recognized for a concerning new distinction—the capital of scams.

California Black Media | Contributor In 2019, consumers across the United States filed 1.7 million fraud reports, adding up to a total loss of $1.9 billion, according to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). Although California accounts for about 12 percent of the total US population, 14 percent of the fraud cases…

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