Taking the #fear and #desperation out of #online #dating

Dating has changed by leaps and bounds sine our parents days. Nowadays with our lives being intertwined with the virtual world, everything is online. Therefore the era of online dating had to arrive with a bang. Many people see dating websites as a source of meeting someone new without the pressure of taking too much time away from their daily lives. With over half the world joining the online dating bandwagon, why do so many people still look at it with fear and apprehension?

Many people have this misconception about online dating and here are some of the fears that stop people from saying yes to online dating.

1. Online dating is for the desperate, lonely and weird

This is one of the most common misconceptions people have about online dating. People feel that online dating is for desperate people who cant find anyone through the conventional methods of dating. Statistics show that more than 49 million people have tried online dating. Therefore, joining an online dating app doesn’t exclude us as weird, lonely or desperate.

2. People lie online

in the world of online dating, perception counts more than anything. We base falling in love on everything but contact with the person. We see a photograph, read a profile and communicate via text or email. Therefore, in today’s scary world, people don’t trust online communication very easily. Statistics has shown that 90 percent of the people on online dating sites do lie. Men tend to lie about their height while women tend to lie about their weight. Most people tend to limit their lying online in anticipation of meeting their match in person one day. If the fear of online dating still persists, research on websites that are popular and have a good security system.

3. Judgment from people

People who date online usually have this misconception about telling others how they met their partner. They fear judgment from others and usually lie about meeting their partner online. In this evolving world, it is normal to meet a romantic partner online and there is a lot more social acceptance over this topic

4. Reaching out is scary

For single people, being emotionally vulnerable can be daunting and they feel that reaching out to someone across the Internet is scary. There is a fear of rejection that stops people from communicating. They feel like they are not good enough or their personality wont show on an online portal But once the first step is taken, the process of communicating gets easier.

Almost everyone searching for a partner online is in the same situation so key is to not get dejected and reach out without fear.

5. Online users are just looking for casual hook ups

People tend to believe this common misconception about online dating. It is true that with the availability of technology, finding casual hook ups does get easier but most people who want a long term relationship are more likely to find their partner online.

Such misconceptions deter people from trying out online dating. What single people should remember is that there is no shame in looking for a romantic partner online. They should use the best means of finding a partner available to them. The most important thing is to make an effort to get out there and live your life to the fullest