How to Talk to a Girl Online: 14 Simple Tips


Online dating isn’t a new tendency but it definitely goes through the modernisation nowadays. Numerous sites and apps emerge, and more and more people go online in searches of decent partners. With the help of relationship experts from Contact Brides, we prepared the top 14 tips on how to impress a girl with your verbal skills via the Internet.

Contact her first

Modern girls still fall for decisive guys capable of taking the first steps first. In fact, there are services where women are supposed to take the initiative but you’d better remain manly.

Tackle the details mentioned on her profile
Your first message plays the significant role in your prospective communication: is should evoke a lady’s interest in you. Instead of just writing “hi”, make it meaningful.

Ask questions
After the contact is established, you need to keep a girl keen on you. Questions are one of the most certain means of promoting the dialogue – they should be follow-up to make her respond.

Show your interest in her
Collect special details she discloses about her hobbies, her life, her family, or her personality and use those in further communication. She won’t remain indifferent!

Be inventive
Try to vary the tone of chatting – raise fun topics along with more serious issues. If you stick to only one style of speaking all the time, it gets boring.

Get closer gradually
Don’t hurry to make her fall in love with you. Online dating is quite a tricky thing: it’s like buying a pig in a poke. Get to know each other prior to going out.

Don’t expect her to answer instantly
Attractive girls not only receive tens of messages within a day but also have their daily businesses. To conquer her, become a good competitor and stand out!

Keep it playful
Make your chatters alluring. Today, there are no difficulties with using diverse emojis and emoticons to express your mood and show your friends what you exactly mean.

Tell compliments
These nice phrases are necessary to break the ice. Better if you pay her compliments not on her appearance but on her achievements, traits, and temper.

Talk not only via text messages
Texting is obviously not enough to set the real bond between two people. Add live video chats or phone calls to your interaction. By the way, it also helps avoid scams.

Have fun
Take everything easy – nobody seems to ever die from rejection. Perceive all the twists as part of the game and don’t give up in your searches.

Be straightforward
There is no need to wear a mask even online or hide your dating goals. To make your love life successful, you should actually declare your intentions.

Don’t be afraid of teasing her
Teasing is another mean of diversifying your communication with girls on online dating sites. Just keep in mind it should be inoffensive and relevant.

Initiate a real date
Online chatters are great but they can’t substitute your real life. If you and your pen pal have already studied each other well enough, it is okay to ask her out.



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