Talking About #Food Can #Improve Your #Online #Dating


Zoosk analyzed 3,733,185 dating profiles and over 364 million first messages to find out how mentioning different foods and food-related phrases can affect an online dater’s romantic interactions.

It turns out that food preferences actually have a major impact on how we interact with each other romantically.

“Some foods, such as guacamole, potatoes and chocolate are particularly successful at increasing the amount of messages (users with these foods in their profile have over 100% more incoming messages than the average),” the study author said.

Profiles that contain the word ‘foodie’ receive 82% more incoming messages, while those who mention the word ‘cook’ receive 26% more incoming messages.

Even mentioning you’re a vegetarian can help you receive up to 52% more messages than average.

We think you should go edit your profile now. You’re welcome.