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Dancehall veteran Tanya Stephens has revealed that she joined Tinder, but she’s only on the ‘hookup’ app for socializing.

Looking comfortably dressed and in bed, during a recent Instagram Live, Stephens told her fans that she believes the world’s most popular dating app can be used however a person desires. That could be for friendship or causal relationships.

“Tinder is whatever you make it,” she said. “If you nuh waan f–k and go through, nobody nah force you fi do that… Mi see a lot of man profile seh, ‘Don’t bother with that bullsh-t that you’re here to talk and you want conversation’”, she added. Known for her outspoken demeanour she added: “Well f–k you motherf–ker, a conversation me want… I go on Tinder and I talk to these people and when they get tired fi talk to me cause dem see seh we nah go f–k, dem gone and mi talk to a whole new set.”

Stephens stressed that she used the dating site to find companionship and nothing more.

“Me meet two people in real life off of Tinder but that’s because it’s people weh already inna mi environment. Mi nuh really waan meet Tinder people to be honest with you… I wanna go on a date but not with Tinder. I would never say anything bad about it cause I’m on it so obviously a nuh bare idiot and freaks deh pon it,” she shared.

Former Tinder CEO Sean Rad, revealed in 2017, that many famous people are using the app and it turns out that many of those celebs get left swipes because users think they’re fake.  To fix the problem, Tinder started rolling out a Twitter-like verification system last year to combat ‘catfishing’.

Stephens revealed that she uses her real name on the app, which is Vivienne Stephenson, and users have given her the “catfish” label, believing she wasn’t the real Tanya Stephens.

As fans interacted with her some began asking her if she even wants a relationship at this stage of her life. From her answer, it seems she would like to have a wholesome relationship but simply can’t find the right mate. According to her she’s all but given up.

“I think I’ve had enough of them, I don’t want anymore. I want conversation, I want companionship sometimes… I want the conversation and companionship from somebody who is fair, who is not selfish, who doesn’t only want companionship and conversation when they want it but will find ways to accommodate us both and to this moment there doesn’t seem to exist such a person,” she added.

Stephens also explained that she’s more attracted to intelligence in a person rather than looks.

“I’m a sapiosexual; I’m very into people’s minds, I’m very into the way people think… When I settle down I don’t give a f–k about what you guys have as your rules and laws and the little boxes you put yourself in… If I spend the later part of my life chilling with a person, it doesn’t matter who that person is as long as we’re compatible,” she said.

She added: “I only want to chill with somebody I’m going to be happy and skin my teeth with and whoever that is, it is.” 

“When it comes down to it, there are a lot of lonely people and if the lonely people get together there’d be less lonely people.”

Stephens is best known for It’s A Pity which got brought her international acclaim, and a slew of other classic Dancehall hits including Yuh Nuh Ready Fi Dis Yet, Draw fi Mi Finger, Freaky Type, Big Ninja Bike, These Streets, Goggle, Handle the Ride, and Cry and Bawl.

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