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Today as part of International Podcast Day, Spotify’s Parcast is premiering their first-ever dating podcast, “Blind Dating,” debuting with two new episodes hosted by millennial YouTuber Tara Michelle! The series removes sight, our most-utilized sense, from the experience of meeting a new person and leaves participants to determine if there’s a spark or not after a few rounds of carefully curated and intimate questions.

Listen below!

In each episode of “Blind Dating” Tara introduces a new hopeful single to only the voices of two new romantic matches. After a few rounds of audio-only Q&A’s with the potential matches, the dater will pick which match they’d like to date and then the guests’ appearances are revealed.

This experimental podcast is a fresh take on modern dating shows and taps into the need for heartfelt, genuine content and connections, and could even potentially change listeners’ approach to their own relationships.

Now more than ever people are craving human connection because of COVID-19, and apps like Tinder and Hinge are seeing major increases in downloads as people navigate the current dating landscape. “Blind Dating” is an innovative approach to this phenomenon and encourages listeners to get creative and take risks in their pursuit of love.

“Blind Dating” will release episodes with new guests every Wednesday exclusively on Spotify starting September 30.

Episode 1: Gavin: Bouncing Back Into The Dating Scene

After a two-year dating hiatus, Gavin, a 25-year-old actor and bouncer, is ready to give dating another go. He meets two strangers in a voice-only virtual hangout: Rylee, 22, a fun-loving executive assistant, and Camille, 21, a passionate cosmetologist. They open up about types, turn-offs, and go-to pick-up lines. But when the cards are all on the table, has Gavin truly met his match?

Episode 2: Keenan: Looking For An Average Guy Like Me

He’s a “nerdy” illustrator from Massachusetts who’s done falling in love with straight guys. With openness and excitement, 27-year-old Keenan meets his matches: filmmaker Noah, THE SON of two pastors from small-town Georgia, and entrepreneurial Drew, who uprooted from Texas to act, produce and direct. They share laughs and surprising similarities, but Keenan can only move forward with one. Who will it be?

Series Description: You know you can find love in a bar… on an app… Why not a podcast? Join host Tara Michelle every Wednesday as she introduces a hopeful single to two charming strangers from the comfort of their separate couches. They’ll get to know each other in a virtual hangout, chatting, flirting, and making the case for why they deserve a second date-without ever turning on their cameras. Is their connection strong enough to last once the cameras are turned on? Listen and find out!

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