Tax rate could be reduced if collection increases: SRB chief


Chairman, Sindh Revenue Board (SRB), Tashfeen Khalid Niaz has said that the tax rate could be reduced in the province if its collection increases. He said this while speaking a reception held in his honour by Hyderabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry (HCCI), here on Thursday. He was flanked by Commissioner SRB, Iqbal Lakho, Director Enforcement Shoukat Khatian, Deputy Commissioner Taxation Raheel Soomro and Assistant Commissioner Nasir Bachani.

“The board or its any official could not change or reduce the tax rate because it is part of the financial bill and only the provincial assembly is authorised to increase or decrease tax ratio under the Constitution,” he observed, adding the board could send recommendations to the assembly, only if the collection of taxes would rise.

The SRB is collecting 14 percent sales tax on services, which is very low as compared with tax rates being collected in other provinces, the chairman said. “Marriage halls spread on an area of 800 yards or less without air-conditioning or its annual turnover is less than Rs 3.6 millions would be exempted from the tax,” he explained.

Reply to a question, he said that tax would be collected by the SRB whether marriage halls were meant for charity or business purpose as the board was concerned with its turnover. The registration process is not lengthy but very easy and besides Assistant Commissioner SRB Hyderabad would extend all kinds of support in this regard, he said.

“We are here to support you and we are working as advisers for businesspeople,” he said, adding all efforts would be made to facilitate them. He said that all property owners should get their property registered with the SRB as tax could be collected from person who rented out the property.

On the occasion, HCCI Senior Vice President, Turab Ali Khawaja said that the business community wanted to pay the due taxes but it was facing various issues due to sales tax laws complexity. He urged that the reservations of marriage halls’ owners should be addressed and the registrations need to be made easy. A large number of members of the HCCI were also present on the occasion.



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