Te-o, Manti-Te-o! (Sung to the tune “Day-O; The Banana Boat Song)

A Music Parody I made about Manti Te’o and his problems with his fake girlfriend. Sung to the tune: “Day-O (Banana Boat Song)” Manti Te’o (Alabama Bust Song) Te-o, Manti Te-ey-o Had a fake girlfriend loved to talk on dee phone Te, Manti-Te, Manti-Te, Manti-Te Mati-Te, Manti-Te-oooooo Fake Girlfriend love me, but she live near Rose Bowl practice all day, can’t have no fun fake girlfriend love me, but her address uknown Lose to Bama cuz we can’t stop run Fake girlfriend comin, — I feel so a-lone Gone undefeated season, lost to Alee-bama Fake girlfriend not comeen, cuz she crashed into pole Cuz I can’t tackle man, we lose to Alee-Bama Fake girlfriend see Doctor getting transplan-ted bone it’s hut one, hut two, hut three, PUNT! Alee-Bama keep runnin’ in-to dee end-zone first down, second down, third down, PUNT! Champeen-ship over and it’s time to go home Te, Manti Te-ay-ay-o fake girlfriend was comeen but she’s in hospi-tal Te, Manti-Te, Manti-Te, Manti-Te, Manti-Te, Manti-Te… fake girlfriend comeen, shes 23 years old A beautiful bunch of fake photo-graphs fake girlfriend discovered, please leave me a-lone why does deadspin doubt my answers fake girlfriend really is Ronaiah Tuiasosopo I’m six-foot-four, two-hundred fifty pounds! NFL comeen’ and they won’t care at-all First round, second round, third round, LUNCH! Draft almost over, still no NFL home Cuz I’m– Te, Manti Te-ay-ay-o Fake girlfriend found out, my naivity shown Te, Manti-Te, Manti-Te, Manti-Te, Manti-Te, Manti

16 thoughts on “Te-o, Manti-Te-o! (Sung to the tune “Day-O; The Banana Boat Song)

  1. Thomas Adelsbach

    Keep em comin’, I love to? hear the feedback!

  2. Erin Martz

    freakin hysterical! i’m crying? i’m laughing so hard! omg

  3. officeofawesome

    It was a dramatic work.? It was an echo of opera…coming straight from your heart. (I could feel it – similar to the “chip” video)

  4. officeofawesome

    You are born an artist or you? are not…YOU Tom were born to create.

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