Teenage Mothers’ Dating Tips


Teenage mothers who ask for dating advices from psychologists are often recommended that they should have a support person to give guidance as starting dating. Teenage mothers have to remember many things.


Young men your age (teens) may present few candidates for dating. Many of these men have the impression since you already have a child that you do not have moral values. Their reason for dating single mums may be for sexual encounters. They may even be persistent in their advances.


Being young and yearning for male attention is understandable. You are a young woman trying to raise a child alone. Most young men your age however are not interested in raising a child of their own, much less someone else’s. Be extremely careful with the intentions of young men.


Older men may not have any better intentions. They may see your youth and vulnerability as a means to take advantage of you. Some may try to convince you to engage in sexual activity with them. They do not have you best interests in mind, only their own gratification.


Keep these items in mind when you are considering dating a man:

? You should tell a man up front you are a mother. Judge the response you get from him. If he is less than enthusiastic about it, perhaps he is not someone you should date.

? Find a support group for single parents and attend their functions. Seek out other appropriate places to meet other singles such as church. You will be more likely to find a suitable dating partner in these settings, though not a guarantee.

? Take care of yourself. By being attentive to your own needs, you show you have respect for yourself and expect others to respect you. You will feel better about yourself as well. When you feel good about yourself it will reflect in your parenting skills.

? Find a trusted individual to talk to about your dating and life in general. This person can be a good source of dating advice for teenage mothers.

? Don’t rush into a relationship too quickly. It takes time to get to know someone and you deserve a partner that cares about you and your child.


Men who are sincerely interested in dating a single mum demonstrate a great deal of character. They should be willing to give you the time you need to progress at your own comfort level in the relationship.


There should be no pressure for you to engage in sexual activity. If a man is pressuring you to do things you are not comfortable with; you should probably end the relationship. A man who respects you will not pressure you when you are not ready. Make you and your child your main priority; and eventually you will find someone.


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