Terrence Hawkins Hampstead Maryland

Terrence Hawkins is the owner of a small body shop called Fine Line Collision. Beware of this one. He does not wear a wedding ring, He tells the same story that he is separated from his wife Dolly and she refuses to accept that he wants a divorce. This is a lie. He is the one refusing the divorce. He is a liar and a cheat. He is still married to his wife, they have two children.She has kicked him out because of his cheating but he continues to beg for her forgiveness. He only uses woman all the while trying to get his wife to forgive him so he can move back home. She did forgive him he moved back home and she found out about me.This is a sick one. He wines and dines you and is the perfecr gentleman I know he has done this to me. After his wife found out called me on the number she got off his cell phone. Ofcourse he refused to say we were together told his wife I was lying and he would never do that again blah blah.This man basically stood infront of me, we had been sleeping together for months and told his wife that I was the one pursuing him. I showed her his text messages. I also spoke with 2 other women he cheated on his wife with.They said he told them the same story when his wife found out he broke it off but after she found out. So basically he cheated his wife took him back he cheated again and thats when she kicked him out. then I met him and the same story. So beware of this one. He stays at hotels on and off because his wife kicked him out so his story seems believable. If you come across this one don’t be afraid to find out who is wife is call her and bust his ass. hear him squirm

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