Terry Edward Koharski, Enfield, CT


Terry Koharski has been cheating since the beginning of his dating life. He was married once and has one child from that marriage. Halfway through his marriage, when his daughter was just one year old, he began seriously dating another woman. He played hardly any role in raising his own child while he ran around the country being unfaithful. Terry stayed with his new girlfriend for 15 years (as of 2013). Over this span of time, he collected women. He has had multiple serious relationships running simultaneously ever since, many lasting multiple years, some including engagements. Some women find out and leave, some still have no idea. He leads these women to believe he loves them, talks about getting married with them and always asks for financial help from them.

He owes more than $50,000 between all of his lovers. His girlfriend of 15 years pays his rent, helps him with child support and he repays her by physically and emotionally abusing her. Terry totaled one woman’s brand new car in a drunk driving incident and offered no assistance in rectifying the situation. He has frequently denied his own child Shae, hiding her from his girlfriends. What kind of man is ashamed of his own flesh and blood?
In addition to holding multiple relationships, he has sex with hundreds of random women and men (he is bisexual), sometimes even paying for sex. He has been a member on sites like men4rent.com, manhunt.net and cougarlife.com as well as constantly cruising Craigslist.

Terry has two jobs. He is a referee for the American Hockey League and also works as a ramp agent for US Airways. He blows his income on sex, alcohol and trying to catch up with the IRS and child support. He has even begun to solicit other referees in the league for financial help.

Terry is an extremely good liar and will make you believe anything. He makes you feel bad for him and will fool you into thinking he is really opening up, being vulnerable and being genuine. You could meet him ANYWHERE, as he travels for work. Please, don’t be fooled!

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