Tesla Dating, the Tinder-style dating app that Tesla launches for its customers | #tinder | #pof


The love of cars has no limits and Tesla has managed to position itself as one of the brands with the most followers and fans of clubs everywhere. Elon musk has taken advantage of this aspect and has decided to give the fanatic community a unique platform to share tastes and even interact in a loving way.

As if it were Tinder, Tesla has launched the new app Tesla Dating, which will work in a similar way to the rest of the dating applications, with the certainty that you will find people with the same taste for cars signature electric.

According to information from Motorpasión, what inspired the creator of this platform was that, he assures the owners of a Tesla have a strange obsession with their cars, so I do not hesitate to connect all those people who would ultimately do …  € œmatchâ €.

It should be noted that the application is still in the development stage, however, it could be ready at any time, in the meantime you can already see some phrases on the site such as â € œBecause you cannot spell LOVE without EVâ € Â or â Â € œAn exclusive community for like-minded Elon fans.â €

To access this platform it is necessary to enter the Official site and register in advance just by placing an email and proving that you really own a Tesla and that’s it, that’s how easy you will be part of the community of Tesla-Lovers largest in the world and probably why not find the love of your life.


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