13 thoughts on “Texas Juvenile Court Sex Ring Covered Up by Top Officials, Snip

  1. Josh Sevdy

    terrifying. they’re power is absolute. the rest of the population is blind,
    in denial, or compliant through fear. what can we do? sheds a new light on
    mass murder, spree killing and school shooting. funny how, in a certain
    light, the the craziest stuff makes the most sense.?

  2. Vero Gracia

    But they. One day face justice. Them. Kids don’t alone God’s hands moving
    towards them. .?

  3. Dana Lawhon

    This is going on nationwide but so many of our politicians are involved so
    that is why they don’t want it exposed.

  4. mamasuntwinkle

    Public comments from youth advocates on proposed standards for the
    implementation of the National Prison Rape Elimination Act Partnering with
    several national youth advocacy organizations, Juvenile Law Center
    submitted these public comments on the Department of Justice’s proposed
    national standards to reduce sexual abuse in juvenile facilities. jlc (dot)
    org (JLC is on the Pennsylvania Juvenile Judges Sold Kids 4 Cash Case)

  5. Moustik2011

    I cannot believe some of the comments I have read. Are people really making
    pedophilia a political thing? Are you really this shallow? Pedophilia and
    sex abuse is not a dem or rep phenomenon, it is a human one. A very, very
    terrible human thing. DO NOT trivialize it by using it as a political tool.
    Shame on you.

  6. mamasuntwinkle

    June 18, 2012. Brownsville, Texas. Attorney accused of paying kickbacks
    that helped a judge turn his South Texas courtroom into a moneymaking
    enterprise convicted 7 counts in the first trial stemming from 4-year
    federal investigation into judicial corruption. Ray Marchan was the first
    of 12 people swept up in the investigation of former state District Judge
    Abel Limas, who pleaded guilty to racketeering last year; Limas enriched
    himself to more than $250,000 during his time on the bench.

  7. satanvervain

    Anybody want to start a victimize group for us #095

  8. Edward Leporis

    fuck tyc that shit is reall it was hapining to youth and most of the time
    it was the youth, i seen it i hade shit put in my shoe and im shure that
    nigger is in prison o well fuck all of them…

  9. Glitter

    ever wonder why liberal judges let child rapist off easy?! they agree with
    what these pedophiles do! a big agenda of the democrat party through nambla
    is to legalize child sex!

  10. 1lricardo

    U love the word “too”, don’t u? lol— just teasing. But this was a great
    report done on a very serious matter… EVEEERYone should be this
    civic-minded, & speak up in someway on these issues. Doesn’t matter what
    side you take, or what your opinion is– you should voice it!

  11. fratdawgg23

    @sjdss – Nice try but you fail at twisting facts. Far more republicans have
    been found to be sexual predators of both children and adults. Reason is
    widely thought to be a result of the culture of repression and condemnation
    in re: sexuality in general. Denials and false statements like yours only
    serve to obfuscate the very real harm that is done to people as a result.

  12. lawrencetboyer

    i just got the Franklin Cover-Up yesterday. i’m on page 95 right now. it’s
    the 1st edition, by John W. DeCamp. yeah, it’s safe to say this is going on
    everywhere. And these guys are networked. newspapers, D.A.,s, Police
    Chiefs, local FBI branches, politicians, bankers, the list goes on and on,
    and they are all in on it. It’s Satanism, and they hacked the system, which
    is why they want to shut down the internet.

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