The couple accused of dismembering the girl were about to record a video of torture – Pledge Times | #tinder | #pof

A couple of Americans Bailey Boswell and Aubrey Trail are accused of killing a 24-year-old girl whom they asked on a Tinder date. As it became known to the court, the suspects planned to record a video in which they would torture or kill the victim. It is reported by 9News.

A girl named Sydney Loofe disappeared after a date with Boswell in late 2017: she was not seen until a police investigator found her remains – they were found after law enforcement found out where the last time Loof’s phone was. caught the net. Not far from this place, in thickets of reeds, lay a sack from which parts of the body protruded (it was dismembered into 14 parts). The victim’s clothes were scattered around the area.

A friend of Boswell and Trail spoke at the trial. The woman told the jury that the couple once discussed with her how much money young people can earn for filming a video in which a person is tortured or killed.

The couple’s trial has been going on for more than two years. Investigators believe the killing was deliberate, as evidenced by the fact that both Boswell and Trail had acquired the dismemberment tools in advance. As a result of the trial, the couple may face the death penalty.

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