The Definitive Guide to Good Dating Apps | #facebookdating | #tinder | #pof

From what we eat to who we date, it seems as though there is an app for every aspect of our lives. Today, a lot, if not most, of relationships and “flings” arise from a good dating app encounter. Just like it’s now hard to think of photography without Instagram, many of us can’t remember the last time our friends brought up their love lives without Tinder, Hinge, or Grindr, or how many dating conversations haven’t included one friend explaining to another the concept behind Happn or Lex. The premise is the same, but our technology-filled age has just made the execution that much easier.

Whether you are looking for something more serious or just a casual hookup, it’s easy to open the app store (or ask your friends) to find a wide and ever-increasing range of options that can satisfy your different needs. In seconds, you could be chatting with a cute stranger from the comfort of your own home, or perhaps just finding some entertainment as you swipe through profiles.

For better or for worse, technology has inarguably changed the rules of the dating game. For one thing, there are endless opportunities, and for another, it can feel all the more overwhelming. To try to help with that, I’ve looked into five of the most buzzed-about apps and ranked them based on my experience with each. While everyone has different preferences and the below list is far from exhaustive—for instance, there’s an ever-increasing range of LGBTQ-specific dating apps to try—we hope this helps to give a better idea of what kinds of matches you can find on a few of the biggest options, making the endless stream of potential prospects a little easier to navigate.

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