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Griffin had an instant connection with Kaley in his audition (Picture: HBO/The Riker Brothers)

The Flight Attendant’s Kaley Cuoco is just as fun as you’d hope she’d be – and her co-star Griffin Matthews has the cutest story to prove it. 

The actor and dad-of-two joins The Big Bang Theory star on her new voyage into thrillers, playing Shane, one of the flight attendant’s co-workers and close pals. 

Kaley plays the leading role of Cassie, whose glamorous jet-setting life is thrown into chaos when she wakes up in bed next to a dead body – and no recollection of what happened. 

Shane is soon dragged into the situation too as Cassie tries to piece together the events that led up to the murder – and if she was involved. 

Thankfully, while the material is dark, Griffin has nothing but fond memories of his time as Kaley’s sidekick, after bonding with her on a ‘Tinder-style audition’ that had him fall in love with her.  

Speaking exclusively to, he said: ‘I had an audition for the role right before we started shooting. I was a late casting, and I went in and I knew that there was a good chemistry read with Kaley. 

‘I was so nervous because it’s the producers, the writers and the director and Kaley, and she’s a big deal! I was maybe the last guy and I just remember going into the room… and there was instant chemistry.’ 

Griffin stars as Shane alongside Kaley in the series (Picture: HBO Max)
Shane said that he felt like he’d been on a date with his co-star (Picture: The Riker Brothers)

‘I have had many chemistry reads and sometimes there’s just zero chemistry,’ he continued. 

‘Most of the time, it’s like a nice coffee with someone and it’s fine, and you don’t need to see them again. It’s a date, it’s Tinder. But this was an instant thing. I just got her, we got each other’s humour immediately.’

‘I just knew that she was ready to rumble, like “this lady wants to play!”,’ he laughed. ‘Sometimes you get actresses, you know, and they’re very serious because it’s an audition but she was wearing sweatpants and sandals. I just knew instantly this was a fun one.’ 

‘I walked out and I called my husband and was like “okay, I just had the most amazing date!”. I didn’t even call it an audition, I was like “this was a date, and I want to see her again. I wonder if she wants to see me?”. 

Shane has a couple of secrets of his own (Picture: HBO Max)

‘He was like “honey, if you liked women, then you could have her!”.

‘I guess she wanted to see me!,’ he continued. ‘It was the date that I wanted to have and the next time I saw her was at the table read in New York City, and it was like old friends, immediate hugs kisses and silliness, and we became really close during the filming of the show.’ 

Thank God they got on too – seeing as they were soon travelling around the world together with the rest of the cast in order to film the show in its glamorous locations including Dubai, UAE and Bangkok, Thailand. 

The hectic shooting and travelling schedule may have taken its toll on some – but for Griffin, it was a way of bonding with the cast away from the facade of Hollywood professionalism. 

‘The fastest way to know if you like somebody is to get on a plane with them and go all the way across the world,’ he told us. ‘It’s so bizarre, because actors can be quite guarded and I think in the second week we had to fly to Thailand. 

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‘We all showed up in our pajamas for the plane, and that’s the best way to get to know everybody. Noone’s in gowns, there’s no hair and makeup. We’re in our pajamas and our socks and booties, and having to travel across the world. 

‘It felt like summer camp on some level, it felt like an adult summer camp. Then we spent Thanksgiving together, as we were all away from our families and I’d never been to Bangkok.

‘It was kind of magical. It was truly a magical, magical experience.’ 

The Flight Attendant launches November 26 on HBO Max.

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