The hair #products #NZ’s top #hair stylists love


Just like skincare, the sheer scale and scope of hair products on the market can easily feel overwhelming. And just like skincare, something that may be a winner for someone, may not have the same result for you.

So what are the experts, who handle all different kinds of hair and use product on them day in and day out, loving product-wise right now?

I checked in with some of the top salons around the country to find out their tried-and-true favourites, and how to use them for yourself.


At the moment I’m really digging Shebang-a-bang Dry Spray Wax by evo ($40) for adding a lived in feel to messy straight looks or for clumping up natural curls. Just spray it in when dry and give it a scrunch, and you’re good to go.

Also Oi All In One Milk by Davines ($38). A spray-in, leave-in magic multipurpose milk that softens, conditions, adds shine and body as well as heat protection. Spray in towel-dried hair before blow-waving or just air dry to solve all your problems.


At Black our two fave products are evo’s Fabuloso Pro custom conditioners and Olaplex.

Fabuloso Pro custom conditioners ($45) are as the name suggests. Custom-made to any colour your wee heart desires – vibrant reds and coppers through to pastels, pinks, turquoise – you name it, you can have it!

It comes in two conditioner bases, volume for fine or limp hair and repair for hair that needs more care. Both types of bases are beautiful on the hair, making it feel like silk without weighing it down.

To use, shampoo hair, spread on your Fab Pro custom conditioner, leave for three minutes and rinse out. That’s it!

Olaplex has revolutionised our industry, letting us do stuff to hair that previously wasn’t possible. It can rebond hair that previously was beyond saving, lets us lighten several times in a short period of time and saves all those crispy blondes out there with breakage.

At home, apply Olaplex Hair Perfector No.3 ($49) to damp hair, leave a minimum of 19 minutes but the longer the better with optimum results at 90 mins but can be left overnight. Shampoo and condition as usual.

Use a minimum of once a week for maintenance but if you really want to see amazing change in your hair then use three times a week.

L to R: evo Shebang-a-bang Dry Spray Wax, $40; evo Fabuloso Pro custom conditioners, $45-$54; Davines Oi All In One Milk, $38; Olaplex Hair Perfector No.3, $55; L’Oréal Professionnel Tecni.ART PLI Thermo Modelling spray, $35; L’Oreal Professionnel Wild Stylers Crepage de Chignon, $35; Sebastian Professional Twisted Curl Reviver spray, $30; Sebastian Professional Potion 9, $54; Sebastian Professional Drynamic+, $39; Sebastian Professional Thickefy Foam, $43.


One favourite is Sebastian Professional’s leave-in treatment, Potion 9 ($54). It has a light hold on the curl. I love it on curls, for both wet and dry hair.

Blow or air dry for a silky look or use the hot tools for more refined curls.

Another is their Drynamic+ ($39) – I love it because it gives body and texture.

Spray on roots to remove excess oil and comb through, or if it’s more texture you’re wanting, spray on mid-lengths and blow dry.


L’Oreal Professionnel Wild Stylers Crepage de Chignon ($35) – it’s a dry texturising spray, like dry shampoo mixed with a hairspray.

It gives it grit and volume while giving the hair a bit of hold. It’s my main go-to on set for shoots etc.

Lift and spray dry hair at the roots to get hair with a natural rock girl edge.

Another from L’Oréal, their Tecni.ART PLI Thermo Modelling spray ($35), which is a heat styling spray to help set your curls and waves into the hair as you’re hot styling.

A few sprays about 30 centimetres away from the head on dry hair will make sure the wave/curl that you put into the hair stays in even when brushed. It’s a godsend!

It’s also great to spray into wet hair and blast dry to get that effortless, French girl, casual undone texture.


Sebastian Professional Thickefy Foam ($43) is a lightweight silk powder, it gives amazing soft to the touch volume and control.

How to use this bad boy: apply on damp hair and blow wave on medium heat with your head upside down. When the hair is 95 percent dry, blast the hair on cold. This is the reason that most blow wavers have the cold button, to reseal the hair for the heat.

Or use as a dry shampoo – rub into hands and apply to roots then cold blow wave the root area. You’ll be amazed how much activation it has to the hair.

Sebastian Professional Twisted Curl Reviver spray ($30) is a lightweight spray with 70 percent more bounce than anything you’ve had in your hair.

It’s a great one to give moisture back to the hair without the weight, as a finisher or as a wet to dry styler.

It’s also amazing for hot tools, to keep the hair controlled and eliminate frizz.

Apply on dry hair to control day two fluffiness – a light spray just before you use your curling tongs or straightener – or in damp hair for amazing shine and control with your blow wave.

This product is amazing on curly hair too, giving structure back to the hair and controlling the frizzy flyaways. Just spray and squeeze and walk away.