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The Amazing Race season 32 sweethearts Alana Folsom and Leo Brown have shared the hilarious story behind how they met, and the fans are loving it.

The Amazing Race 32 sweethearts Alana Folsom and Leo Brown have shared the hilarious story behind how they met, and the fans are loving it. Some fans might not realize it, but Leo and Alana did not know each other for that long before they competed on TAR 32. This season featured teams that consisted of family members, longtime married couples, and lifelong best friends, but Leo and Alana had reportedly only been dating for about nine months before they embarked on the race of a lifetime. Still, it did work just fine for the couple, as they got extremely far in the season.

Prior to their Amazing Race elimination on Leg 7, Alana and Leo’s best placement on the show was finishing in third place on Leg 4 and Leg 5. They came close to being eliminated on Leg 2 and Leg 3 – ending those races in second to last. But they kept persevering, and ultimately fell short in Kazakhstan because they couldn’t figure out which spears were being counted during the Great Khan’s Spy detour. In any case, it’s surprising how well Leo and Alana did despite not knowing each other all that long, and the fans are now loving to hear the very funny story behind how they met.

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On Monday, November 23, The Amazing Race couple Leo Brown and Alana Folsom were featured on the Cinnamon & Sugar podcast, which is co-hosted by their TAR co-stars DeAngelo Williams and Gary Barnidge. On the podcast, Alana and Leo opened up about meeting on Tinder. According to Alana, her then-roommate was complaining about a guy that rated her a seven. But Alana thought that she’d feel comfortable if a guy ever rated her as a seven. So Alana and her roommate had an idea: they each sent the exact same message to the last 10 guys that they had matched with on Tinder, and were going to calculate their realistic scores based on the responses that they got from those 10 guys. As the story goes, Leo just happened to be one of those 10 guys that Alana messaged asking how he’d rate her. It seems like Leo rated her a seven, which is what she was expecting anyway, but he was funny enough in the process and ended up landing a date with her. In a tweet (seen below), Leo shared a particular GIF exchange that he had with Alana on Tinder.

Unfortunately, The Amazing Race is in the rearview mirror for Leo and Alana, but the fans are already campaigning for them to get cast on different shows, such as Big Brother, perhaps. Alana and Leo have gotten married in 2020, so it’s safe to say that their Tinder flirting and TAR journey worked out just fine for the couple.

Hopefully, the fans will get to see Alana and Leo back on TV in the near future. For now, the fans can count on the couple’s hilarious tweets and podcast appearances to hear more from them.

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The Amazing Race 32 airs on Wednesdays at 8pm ET on CBS.

Source: Cinnamon & Sugar podcast

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