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Without a doubt the most popular article on this entire website is the article I wrote three years ago about how to make your ex boyfriend miss you.

However, I have always felt that I didn’t really do a good job when I wrote that article.

After all, after three years you pick up a lot of new tricks that can lead people to success.

Well, this video is my way of making up for that short coming.

I would like to introduce the new version of how to make your ex boyfriend miss you (in video format!)

Video Transcript

Today’s a great day.

Because today is the day that I teach you how to make your ex boyfriend miss you.

I’m Chris Seiter and over the course of this video your going to gain the ultimate insight into the mind of a man.

See you on the other side.

We are going to start off today by talking about some of the reasons for why your ex boyfriend may not be missing you.

Now there are literally thousands of reasons but we aren’t going to cover thousands…

Instead all we are going to be doing is talking about the most popular reasons. The sins that I see committed the most.


So the first sin that gets committed the most is something I like to call,


Now, GNATTING isn’t exactly what you think it is.

GNAWING is actually an acronym that stands for,


Going nuts at texting.

Now it is exactly like it sounds.

It’s basically when a woman, after a breakup, texts her ex boyfriend so much that he has no choice but to compare her to a GNAT.

If you’ve had any experience with the world then you have probably experienced the phenomenon of having GNATS fly around your head.

It’s quite annoying and no matter how many times you slap away at them they continue to buzz around.

Well, that’s how he looks at you.

He looks at you like annoying annoying bug… a mosquito… an annoying buzzing creature around his head that he can’t get rid of.

Sin #2- A Failure To Do The No Contact Rule

Now if you don’t know what the no contact rule is here’s a quick crash course.

It’s basically a small period of time where you ignore your ex boyfriend no matter what.

It really plays up on this saying of absence makes the heart grow fonder. And when you look at those three special words “I miss you” you can’t really miss someone if you are with someone.

And that’s what the no contact rule does.

It really plays off on this fact that absence does indeed make the heart grow fonder.

Sin #3- Bad Feelings Vs. Good Feelings

There’s a concept that I really want you to get through your head. It’s this idea that men are attracted to things that make them feel good and despise things that don’t.

So one of the reasons that your ex boyfriend may not be missing you is the fact that every time he thinks about you it makes him feel bad.

And I don’t know about you but there’s nothing I can think of in this world that made me feel bad that I miss. I don’t miss any experiences I have had that made me feel bad.

The good ones on the other hand… I miss.

It’s just common sense.

But the truth is that you don’t care about any of this.

You don’t care about any of the behaviors to avoid because what you care about is how to actually make him miss you.

And in order to understand that we must first talk about something that I like to call the non verbal missing emotion.

The Non Verbal Missing Emotion

Now, what is the non verbal missing emotion?

Well, I like to think of it as the emotion that causes you to miss someone. It’s something much more powerful than you simply saying “I miss you.”

It’s the thing that makes you anticipate the next text message your going to get from the person your in love with…

It’s the thing that causes you to pull out your phone and check it every five seconds for a response…

It’s the thing that makes you sit on the edge of your bed waiting for them to call…

It’s the thing makes you nervous before a date…

The non verbal missing emotion doesn’t go away until you are with the person and starts back up the second you leave that person.

It’s this endless cycle and the only way to feed the beast so to speak is to see the person.

Now, what I want to teach you is how you can give that feeling to your ex.

Alright, how to make your ex boyfriend miss you.

There are six things that I want to teach you. You can pick and choose which ones you like. I you don’t like what I say or if you don’t like a step feel free to skip it. But for the most part these are the six most effective steps that I’ve seen women use to make their ex boyfriends miss them.

The first thing is something I like to call the push/pull theory.

The Push Pull Theory


The push pull theory is really popular among many relationship experts and forums. But I think a lot of people miss the gist of it.

A lot of people think it means that if you push your ex boyfriend away the more likely he is to try to pull you in.

But that’s not how it works.

The way it works is you push your ex away with something like a backhanded compliment or standing him up on a date and then after you’ve done the push you pull him in with a compliment or making him think he has a chance.

It’s this endless process where you push and then pull.

And the more this happens the more he will begin to miss you.

Because as you know… as I teach in Ex Boyfriend Recovery and throughout these Youtube Videos. Men love what they can’t have.

Now the second thing that you can do to make your ex boyfriend miss you is to highlight how great your life is on a social media site like Facebook.

Pimp Out Your Facebook

pimp out

A few years ago a Western University Masters Candidate published an interesting study. She found that 88% of people stalk their exes Facebook profiles after a breakup.

That means that there is an 88% chance that your ex boyfriend is going to stalk your profile.

So, while he’s stalking it why not pimp it out…

Why not control why he sees.

Make every event after your breakup the most incredible thing ever.

Why not post pictures of you have fun with your friends…

If you’ve got a new haircut post pictures of that…

If your going on vacation post pictures of that…

Heck, if you’ve lost weight post pictures of that…

The more you can show him what he’s missing the more he’s going to miss you.

The third thing that we’re going to talk about to make him miss you is to use jealousy.



When it comes to jealousy it’s a little bit like playing with fire.

If you do it right it can keep you really warm and light things up but if you do it wrong you can burn down the entire forest.

So what I’m going to talk to you about today is the correct way to use jealousy and we are going to do this by using two tried and true methods.

So the first method is something I like to call the friend picture method.

We just got done talking about Facebook and the importance of posting incredible pictures with your friends and having a good fun time and we already determined there is an 88% chance that your ex is going to be Facebook stalking you.

So what if you posted a picture with a guy?

Well that’s fine but there is a right way to do it and a wrong way to do it.

Take a look at this picture.

This is an example of what not to do.

Notice how the guy is macking on the girl and its really evolved. We don’t want this.

This is going to scare your ex boyfriend off. It will make him jealous though but we don’t want to scare him off.

Now take a look at this picture.

This is an example of what to do.

Notice how nothing is really defined here.

There’s no kisses or inappropriate touching going on but it can make someone wonder if there is potential for it to happen.

And thats what we want your ex boyfriend to do.

We want him to wonder if theres potential for it and the more he feels jealous about this and believe me he will, sometimes when it comes to jealousy less is more, so the more he feels jealous about this the more likely he is to miss you.

Now the second example of jealousy that I am going to talk about is the jealousy text message.

There are a lot of different types of jealousy text messages but the one that I am going to talk about is my favorite one to use.

Imagine that you send your ex a text that you “ran into him” at a bar or someplace like that.

“Hey, was that you I saw at sherlocks?”

Well, he’s going to get that text and think,

“What the heck, I wasn’t at sherlocks last night?”

Thats exactly what you want him to think because he is going to be thinking that you are looking at other guys or that you are at a place where other guys can hit on you easily.

But finally your not out sobbing and depressed and eating a bucket of ice cream like he is hoping you are.


Jealousy = Him Missing You

The fourth type of missing tactic that we are going to use is helping him see what life would be like with you.

Show Him What Life Can Be Like With You

life with you

Now I am going to keep this really short because there are a million ways to do this.

I am going to just focus on something I like to call “the breadcrumb method.”

Now here is an example of the breadcrumb method.

One of my wifes biggest dreams in life was to go to Paris. So, when we were dating I would drop these little breadcrumbs like,

“Oh ya… we will go there one day.”

And the more I did this the more she began to imagine what life would be like with me.

She would envision us walking to the Eiffel Tower of watching it light up in the sky at night.

Fun fact… it actually does do that and we did actually go.

So the fifth missing tactic or strategy is the inception method.

The Inception Method


Ok, it’s not really a dream within a dream.

Instead, the way the inception method works is you are going to take one of your ex boyfriends thoughts and inception it.

You are going to take ownership of it.

So, any time he thinks that thought he will think of you.

How does this work or how do you accomplish this?

Well, ill admit that it’s not an easy feat to accomplish but you need to start by having knowledge of things that he’s interested in.

His favorite TV show for example.

I want you to have really in-depth incredible conversations about his favorite TV show.

Game of Thrones for example.

Have something interesting to say. Not something boring like,

“Whoa did you see that episode?”

You need to talk in depth about it.

Talk about some of the epic moments that have occurred.

Some of the incredible set pieces.

Some of the incredible acting moments that have occurred.

Peter Dinklage as Tyrion..

Talk about that stuff.

Become his go to girl for Game of Thrones.

If your wondering if I have ever inceptioned a thought. Of course I have. I just talked about Paris in my wife and how we went there.

Well, now anytime she thinks of Paris she is going to think of me.

Can you inception one of your ex boyfriends thoughts?

That sounds kinda dirty.

Anyways, this last strategy is really easy. It’s having the ability to blow him off.

Blowing Him Off

blow him off

You’d be shocked at the amount of women who come to Ex Boyfriend Recovery and don’t have the ability to do this.

They are too afraid to blow their ex boyfriend off.

They are too afraid to “incur his wrath” but really what do they have to lose?

Remember, men want what they can’t have and a woman who responds to his text messages within seconds and a woman who picks up every single time he calls isn’t as highly valued as a woman who doesn’t do those things.

A woman who maybe waits three hours to respond.

Or doesn’t even pick up when he calls or waits until the next day to call him back.

Don’t be afraid to do some of that stuff.

Don’t be afraid to be unavailable.

If you do it he will miss you!

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15 thoughts on “The “How To Make Your Ex Boyfriend Miss You” Video

  1. Chris Seiter

    Lets focus on the things you are confused about.

    What about the no contact rule concerns you?

    Him losing interest?

  2. Chris Seiter

    Ya you are allowed to break NC for an exchange of stuff but you are not supposed to bring up your relationship at all.

  3. Chris Seiter

    Just say that you aren’t in the mood. Make him wonder.

  4. Chris Seiter

    Hi Patty,

    Don’t worry.

    The podcasts aren’t going anywhere. I just haven’t had time to really get into it with a new baby but the second my schedule becomes more traditional I will start churning them out again.

  5. hopeless romantic

    Hey Chris,
    I stumbled on your page and have really enjoyed reading everything you’ve had to say. Some things you say I feel I can relate too but then some parts confuse me. My situation is somewhere in between and I want to clear up any doubts that I may have about understanding your posts.
    My boyfriend and I were together for about a year. He recently broke up with me about a month ago, I did the whole begging and texting at the beginning then i came across your page. I started the NC rule and failed after a week so I restarted. Im on week 2 of the NC period (doing 30 days). His reason for breaking up with me is that we were constantly fighting over the same things, trust issues, jealousy and insecurities from his end which eventually rubbed off on me. The last fight we had turned into something huge because he saw a text message i sent to a friend at a time when i was mad and upset. It was a hurtful message but in no way did i actually mean what i said. I was just really upset. Anyways he took it as anyone else would and got extremely upset and told me that he didnt love me anymore and isnt attracted to me anymore and saying that he doesn’t want to be with me and that its over and that he never sees a future with us again.
    Well recently during my NC period he reached out to me but not in the way i had hoped. He texted me for thanksgiving saying he was thankful for having me be a part of his life and showing him what true love really was and said i hope you find happiness and take care. As hard as it was to not respond, I stuck to the NC rule and ignored his message and even deleted it so i wouldn’t be tempted to text but it makes me wonder why he spoke in past tense as if we really never do have a chance at working things out again. He used to be head over heels for me and now its like hes a completely different person. A part of me is starting to lose hope that he really is done.
    Now my question is in one of your posts you mentioned how if there was constant fighting 24/7 that you would more than likely not want to put yourself back into a situation like that. To be exact you mentioned a situation along the lines where you thought to yourself “can we go one week without fighting.” Which is similar to what we dealt with. Dont get me wrong though, we did have our good moments and shared a lot of laughs together. You also mentioned in another post that if the reason for the break up was a huge fight that led to a break up then the chances of getting back together are pretty good. I’m confused on whether i’m fighting a losing battle because of the fact that we argued so often that he really doesn’t want to try again. I plan on continuing the NC rule but what im searching for is what are my actual chances of possibly succeeding with the NC rule or should i just give up completely?

  6. Once bonded

    I asked him if we could talk things out. Because on day 19 of my NC he had asked for his stuff back (the items are in-game items and could be easily repurchased) and that he will go over to return me my stuff that I asked for (before my NC started), so I thought maybe he was ready to talk. However he said there was nothing to talk about.

    I know my chances are really low at this point, but I do not want to give up on us without a fight.

    Please give me advise how to get him back Chris.

    Once bonded

  7. Tilly

    Thank you so much Chris! This has really helped, I’ll make my way over to those articles while I start NC for at least 30 days. Thanks again!

  8. Patty

    I really like the videos I think they are fun, but I miss the podcasts, I could just listen on the way to work. Well the reason he gave was that he fell out of love, but I think the real reason was I wasn’t appreciating him as much and we moved on too fast with 3 months of relationship we were basically living together, we didn’t plan but it happened. We broke, it I didn’t see it coming because we didn’t had big fights or anything, I went nuts did all the things you say we shouldn’t do when we broke up I sent a ton of txt and was kind of mean, well than I found you, bought the Ex Boyfriend Recovery, did the 30 days no contact, and was following everything did the txt the right way we started see each other, he said he missed me we were getting closer but we ended up sleeping together, we were like that for few months until I decided to tell him that I thought was time to us make it official again, did it in a nice way like said on the book no pressure or anything, he just said he didn’t know, didn’t pressure him for an answer, but he started to distance himself, not answering my messages, tried to talk about we had a huge fight, I decided do the 30 days no contact again, than was when he kind of went back to his ex, I don’t know exactly if they were just hooking up just saw few posts on fb, but it didn’t last long just around a month, so passed over 30 days and I decided to contact him again. First message was about a pj he gave me I said it was being handy at winter and thanked him for it or something like that, he answered a “k”, I didn’t answer back and waited a week and sent a message about our teams playing together and it being fun think about when we used to watch it together (tried the good memory here) he didn’t even answer the first time around he was way more receptive, so I don’t know what to do, I still like him and miss him but I think he is really mad and decided to don’t get back together. What should I do? Do you think there is any chances still?

  9. Liz

    Thanks so much for the response! Okay, I can do that (hopefully)! I am thinking he is going to text me sometime this weekend when he is drunk (that is, if he texts me at all) and I am sure he is going to try to bring up sleeping together again.. How do I say that we are not going to do it again in a friendly way without showing my feelings again? Usually I say something like “I cant do that, it only hurts me” but I’m assuming by playing this card you want me to stop sharing my emotions with him

  10. Chris Seiter

    Hey first things first don’t ask him for answers anymore. You have to play your cards right and that is the weaker hand. Just be friendly with him and through in mild jealously. That should help your chances.

  11. Chris Seiter


    No it is definitely not to late to start no contact just don’t tell him you are doing it. I’d recommend reading my post on LDR’s. You will find specific information and advice for that type of relationship. They can be complicated.

    He might just be miserable with his life right now. Don’t worry about that, just be positive and focus on yourself right now. I’d have to know more to know if he’s playing mind games, but really don’t even focus on that right now. Worry about that later if you need to.

  12. Chris Seiter

    Hey!! Thanks for watching the videos. I will keep them coming if I continue to get positive feedback and subscribers. What was your text messages exactly and what was the cause of the breakup?

  13. Chris Seiter

    It sounds like he is stringing you along. You should not have told him you couldn’t do that. That takes away the mystery of the no contact rule. Now he knows why you’ve disappeared and he has the reassurance that your still in love with him.

    The best thing for you to do is send him a funny/cute text about something he loves. Then disappear. Your going to have to use jealously in this case for sure since there isn’t any mystery left, UNLESS you cheated on him.

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