The Internet: Why It’s A Terrible Place (Rant Vlog)


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25 thoughts on “The Internet: Why It’s A Terrible Place (Rant Vlog)

  1. fifa11skillsfan(leechimane)

    i remember those days, great points. I agree with the points you made but
    at the same time there are times when you can send those tweets to a
    particular person and it makes their day better but i also understand the
    fact that there isnt much i can do except for maybe donate. But the hate on
    the internet is really the worst part. hence this new youtube comment
    section that is so messed up but was the only way they could govern the
    comment section easier?

  2. Chasity J

    I agree with everything you’re saying in this video. I stay on the internet
    quite a bit myself, but that’s mainly because I don’t have any ways to get
    out of my house mainly because I’m not in school or anything else because
    my anxiety is really bad. I’d love to go and hang out with my friends
    instead of staying on the internet for hours but since I’m not in school I
    don’t talk to many people outside of the internet. I don’t want this
    comment to come across as if I want people to feel bad for me, that’s not
    it at all. I just would love if you could make a video talking about how to
    get over anxiety and things like that because I’ve been letting anxiety
    control my whole life for a while now, I just don’t know how to get over it
    and go out of my comfort zone. Really would help a lot if you gave advice?

  3. TheDuctTapeFridge

    This is a oxymoren ; this is on the internet

  4. FanaticBard12

    Great video all the point you brought up are so true.

  5. legendhunter32

    Outside…? You mean the FORBIDDEN LAND!?

  6. derwin augustus

    I go outside but I live in rayne,la people here are sometimes assholes ..


    Denk, I know where you coming from, but to say people have become ignorant
    about politics because of the internet is a lie. People have always been
    ignorant about politics. The only difference is they are confronted more to
    it. So when ignorant people are finally confronted by this thing they never
    gave a single damn about in their lives, you see the pure idiocy of
    mankind. I have to admit that I was ignorant and still am, but I have
    allowed myself to stop being biased when it comes to politics.

  8. Josue Ocampo

    You are right when I was a kid me and my friends will always be outside and
    play all day and when was a day when I was in my house watching tv or
    playing video games,I did have does thing but I never spend any time play
    sometimes I did play sometimes with my brother and my cousin but I always
    will play outside.


    But please Denk. I will repeat myself: the internet is not to blame for the
    ignorance of people. People were always ignorant. The only difference is
    you, me, and everyone else is confronted by the issues more conveniently.

  10. MzMiichelle

    You made some fantastic points.. We should have sex…

  11. AllenSnipz229

    You honestly think entertainers don’t change people’s lives and have
    positive effects on them? Man…

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