24 thoughts on “The Manti Te’o Hoax Story

  1. Jason Campbell

    He’s lying and everybody is covering up for him. He just wanted the hiesmen. That’s it. Dude should be cut from football.?

  2. ASUstompn2012

    I agree it is fuckin weird but have you ever seen Catfish? These people are pretty smart when they plan this stuff. They plan meetings then never show up. Then have great excuses on why they couldn’t make it.
    So much goes into it. If you have not seen the show? catfish or the documentary you should check it out.

  3. sharkdeepwater8

    Manti was bullshitin’. I just can’t? believe ESPN called the hoax “pure genius”. For real, ESPN?

  4. Turquel Baker

    @savan30 there would be lawsuits out the ass if nfl teams publicly discriminate against gays. idk if teo is gay n i dont care if he is? or not. bottom line is this kid will likely struggle at the nfl level. just my prediction on it.

  5. jaydizzle2615

    Manti Te’o girlfriend was just like Notre Dame’s defense in the national championship game… DID? NOT EXIST!!!

  6. randaman808

    He a strong mormon, I don’t think he would bullshit, but good point edp! I used to watch this dude play high? school ball when he was going to punahou

  7. autismpete

    I think Manti? might be gay myself! Not that that’s anything wrong with that…

  8. neondiamond101

    dude said “Nightmare on? Elm Street type shit” hahaha i’m dyin

  9. NDFanatic2012

    As a Notre Dame fan I really don’t know if Te’o was lying or he was so gullible, but either way he’s not 100% innocent. My advice for everyone is don’t consider someone your girlfriend or boyfriend if haven’t met that person face to face. Regardless of what he did I’ll still support him in the NFL because he was still a great? player at Notre Dame, I think him being a? Heisman contender is a blessing in disguise….That’s just me though. Good video.

  10. PilotTalk31

    THAT’S SOME WIERD ASS SHIT DUDE!! Lmao? niggas crazy

  11. Darkstar4evrReturns

    yea, but to think that hese almost the same age as me and is going to be making millions of? dollars in months…after doing this shit it really pisses me off lol

  12. puffykilled2pac

    He’s a Mormon. But yeah he’s full of shit anyways. He’s just trying to have a Russell Wilson-esque story? having to overcome a loss.

  13. thomotter

    You eat dat? pussy large black man, you eat dat pussy good.

  14. bml2007

    2 two things I see this being. 1. The Manti Te’o guy isn’t very bright 2.? or Manti Te’o was apart of the hoax for a publicity stunt.

  15. cl65amg69

    @Smokinbluntzzz oh kiss mah 49er ass? hatin ass mafucka

  16. SmokinBluntzzz


  17. mtorres723

    For sure the chiefs.I dont know about the? browns.

  18. TsuWave1

    It’s a possibility? that he might be gay! I’m not trying to be funny but this whole story could be a cover up for him

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