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On pages like Sensor Tower, for example, we can know which games and applications are the most downloaded daily in each country and on each platform. And taking a look at other websites such as App Brain, it is possible to find out which games have accumulated the most downloads throughout history on Google Play, both free and paid.

On this occasion, however, we want to compile the list of the most downloaded games and apps of all time on iOS and Android. To do this, we will turn to App Annie, which combines the data from the App Store and Google Play between 2010 and 2019 worldwide (Google Play from January 2012, which was when it was created). It is possible that in these first months of 2020 some position may have changed, but in general terms, the ranking remains the same.

Most downloaded apps and games

If you look at the most downloaded applications of the decade, there is a clear dominator: Facebook. In fact, Mark Zuckerberg’s company boasts of occupying the first four positions on the list with four applications well known to all: Facebook, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram (in this order).

It is also not surprising if we consider that messaging, communication and social media applications They are consumer favorites, representing seven of the ten most downloaded apps in history. Special mention to TikTok, which despite its recent creation, has already managed to sneak into this ranking:

1) Facebook

2) Facebook Messenger

3) WhatsApp

4) Instagram

5) Snapchat

6) Skype

7) Tik Tok

8) UC Browser

9) Youtube

10) Twitter

If we look now at games, the variety is much larger, because behind each title there is a different developer. The set of all of them constitutes a quite nostalgic collection where we find some of the most viral games of recent years, like Candy Crush Saga, who occupies the second step of the podium.

In the first place, we have Subway Surfers as most downloaded mobile game in history; This is an old man known to many whose momentum is given by his strong adoption in India, a country that accumulates more than 15% of its combined downloads of iOS and Android.

1) Subway Surfers

2) Candy Crush Saga

3) Temple Run 2

4) My Talking Tom

5) Clash of Clans

6) Pou

7) Hill Climb Racing

8) Minion Rush

9) Fruit Ninja

10) 8 Ball Pool

Apps and games that have generated the most expense

Are those most downloaded applications the ones that generate the most expense for users? Absolutely not. Here, video streaming services and music applications With subscription they are the ones that get the best results: Netflix, Pandora Music and Tencent Video appear in the top 5.

Not surprisingly, although Netflix abandoned iTunes billing for new customers long ago, it still has a large user base that pays through the Apple platform, and that’s why occupies the highest step in terms of consumer spending. And just below, we find Tinder, the famous dating application.

1) Netflix

2) Tinder

3) Pandora Music

4) Tencent Video


6) iQIYI

7) Spotify

8) YouTube

9) HBO Now

10) Kwai

Something similar happens with games: not because they are the most downloaded they are the ones that generate the most expense in users. In fact, there are only two titles that appear in the download ranking and the spending ranking: Clash of Clans and Candy Crush Saga, which occupy the first and third place, respectively. Watch out here for Pokémon GO, which has been going strong in terms of spending:

1) Clash of Clans

2) Monster Strike

3) Candy Crush Saga

4) Puzzle & Dragons

5) Fate / Grand Order

6) Honor of Kings

7) Fantasy Westward Journey

8) Pokémon GO

9) Game of War – Fire Age

10) Clash Royale

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