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ANCHORAGE (KTUU) – Originally named Daniel Selovich, the man known as “Pirate” to most of Fairbanks is back in town- this time using the alias “Raven” on social media. Easily identifiable thanks to a tattoo that covers his entire face, Selovich was behind bars the last time he was in Alaska.

In 2015, he was accused of spending five weeks raping and torturing a woman at his cabin in Manley Hot Springs. The case never went to trial, as his alleged victim died of a drug overdose- but Selovich was extradited to Nevada where DNA evidence linked him to another 2004 rape case. He served time there after pleading guilty on one count of sexually motivated coercion. Other documents obtained by KTUU also show a criminal history in California, Iowa, and Washington.

Near the beginning of December, Selovich’s sudden appearance in Fairbanks drew public attention. His social media and dating site activity prompted the creation of a private Facebook group titled: “Pirate aka Raven Sightings.” Since Tuesday more than 2600 people have joined, posting pictures, videos and updates regarding Selovich’s whereabouts and movements in town.

Over the phone, one of the group’s administrators asked to be identified only as “Jamie.” She told KTUU that the group was never meant to prompt any action against “Pirate,” although some posts had been deemed non-compliant with the groups guidelines:
1. No threats of violence towards anyone.
This includes Pirate as well as any other member of this community. Threats can be used against you, as well as the admins, legally and we have no intention of allowing that kind of liability.
2. Keep it civil.
Discussions are one thing, even heated discussions are allowed, but personal attacks and trolling will not be tolerated.
3. No Reporting.
If you have an issue with someone’s post or comment, message or tag an admin. We will hear you out and if we deem it necessary we will deal with it on a case by case basis.

One post shared to the page shows a man’s encounter with Selovich at a bus station on video.

In the video, he approaches Selovich and says: “We want you to leave Fairbanks, You should leave, you need to leave,” before Selovich acknowledges his right to an opinion and walks across the room- away from the man and his camera. The man recording the incident then announces: “He is a serial rapist, watch out,” and the video ends.

While no clear threat was issued in the footage, other posts have raised the question of where the line lies. Longtime defense attorney Rex Butler says the existence of this citizen-led group, meant to monitor a man who is not currently wanted by authorities, is concerning in and of itself.

“They better hope that nothing happens to this guy because if it does, at a minimum, there’s going to be civil liability,” Bulter said. “This is not a village in which you are living under tribal government and this guy isn’t going to be banished from Fairbanks because state and city government doesn’t work that way.”

Fairbanks Police didn’t answer when called to discuss the matter on Friday- but according to reports from the Fairbanks Daily News Miner, District Attorney Joe Dallaire plans to review the case from 2015.

At the time that this article was published, KTUU had reached out directly to the “Raven Bushmaster” Facebook account that Selovich is believed to be active on, with no response. Recent posts from the account suggest that Selovich is aware of the stir that his presence is causing in the community and that he might leave soon to avoid: “drama with locals.”

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