The Simple Four Step Method For Getting Your Boyfriend Back (Video)


There is something that I have wanted to do for a very long time.

Care to take a guess at what it is?

Create a YouTube channel and teach people to get their exes back through video.

Well, today that dream becomes a reality as I have just completed the very first video ever for Ex Boyfriend Recovery and it’s all about getting an ex back. Though I suppose you want me to be more specific, huh?

Ok, I have designed a very simple four step method that almost any woman can use to get her ex back.

Check it out!

Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Chris Seiter founder of Ex Boyfriend Recovery and today I’m going to teach you my simple 4 step method for getting your ex back.

The four step game plan is really what I like to call a value chain. Where you move your ex from point A to point B.

Lets talk about the four steps now.

four steps boyfriend

Now I have something prepared for you to demonstrate what the no contact rule is.


Now the premise of the no contact rule is actually quite simple. It’s a period of time where you don’t contact your ex no matter what.

If he contacts you, you don’t contact back.

Pretty simple, right?

But here’s the question that I get all the time.

How long should the no contact rule be?

It’s quite simple really. I have three recommended time frames that I recommend to people wanting to do the no contact rule.

The 21 Day Period

The 30 Day Period

The 45 Day Period

A lot of women who try the no contact rule end up failing. In fact, I estimate that 80% of the women who come to Ex Boyfriend Recovery and try the no contact rule actually fail.

The break it.


Well, it’s because there are so many temptations that make people want to break it. For example, if you are missing your ex boyfriend a lot… Well, your instinct is to text him… or give him a call or something.

And then you have birthdays or holidays…

No matter what you cannot text your ex, call your ex or even message your ex on Facebook.

I know it sounds harsh but it’s worth it.

Now if you recall this is a four step game plan or a four step value chain rather…

So we just covered step one as the no contact rule but step two is about text messaging or text messages.

So, the question now becomes do you wait for your ex to text you during the no contact rule or after the no contact rule before you respond to him or do you actually take initiative and text him.

My piece of advice or what I’m going to recommend is that you text him.

This puts the ball in your court and when you can control things or the more you can control things the better your chances.

Lets talk about step two now.


So when it comes to text messaging or text messages there are really two goals that I want you to accomplish and one of the goals is going to sound a little weird but I’ll talk about that in a second.

The first goal is really to build attraction this isn’t anything really revolutionary here. The more attraction you can build the more you can re-attract your ex the better your chances will be or the more open he will be to taking you back.

But the second goal is a little strange so bear with me here because I promise it will all tie in and make sense later.

The second goal is to simply transition from text messages to phone calls.

So you may be asking yourself at this point.

Well, how do I do that?

How do I transition from a text message to a phone call?

Well it’s really quite simple.

I want you to utilize something I like to call the transition text message.

So the first thing that you want to do with the transition text message is have a really good story to tell.

The best story of your life.

And you start that story with your ex. Once you’ve started that story

You all of a sudden send a text message that says something like,

“Oh, you know what? This is too good to finish over text can I call you?”


Now what this does is actually quite simple.

It’s a test that will test the waters to see if he’s open to talking to you on the phone. If he’s not then you simply finish your text message story over text messages.

But if he is you finish the story on the phone.

And that’s how you transition from text messages to phone calls.

Now that we’re at phone calls lets talk about that.

phone calls

When I was dating my wife or before she was my wife she did something to me on the phone that struck me as really strange.

She would wait until we were in the middle of an incredible conversation and then all of a sudden she would just dip out.

And she would often times say it was because her phone died or there was a car crash outside that she wanted to go see what it was.

And I always had a sneaking suspicion that she was lying or was performing some woman voodoo on me but to her credit… It worked.

It worked on me.

I mean, I married the woman.

But here’s the thing…

Here’s what I learned when she did it.

The more she did it the more she left me with the feeling of wanting more. Now imagine if you could give that feeling to your ex boyfriend.

Imagine if you found the high point of the phone call conversation and you just ended the conversation.

Well, it would be him with the feeling of wanting more and eventually the more you repeat this process his attraction for you will build.

Men always want what they can’t have.

And the more that he can’t have you the more that your stock goes up.

And the higher the chances are that he will ask you out on a date.


When you meet someone for the first time you don’t ask them to marry you. You kind of build up to it.

Well the same principle applies here to getting your ex to ask you to be his girlfriend again.

You don’t just go from zero to sixty in two seconds. You go from zero to sixty in two hours.

Pretend your dating someone new. You don’t do the crazy stuff that you did before. You put your best foot forward.

And that’s what we’re going to do.

I’m going to teach you my three step/three date method that I recommend for women who are trying to get their ex boyfriends back.

Alright, the three step date method is really simple.

It’s basically a value chain that moves your ex from point A to point B much like I’ve been teaching you throughout this entire process.

So here’s how it works.

Your going to go on three dates with your ex.


Now you may ask yourself on the romantic date if you should be making any moves.


Your job is to put your ex boyfriend in a position where he will make the moves.

Put him in a romantic location where he will be more likely to tap into his romantic feelings.

Now you may be wondering,

What if I go on these three dates and I do everything right but he still hasn’t asked me to be his girlfriend?

What do you do?

Well, a lot of women think you start the process over again.

You go on more romantic dates.


What I want you to do is to go back in to a mini no contact period for 7 days… A week.

What this accomplishes is actually quite clever.

Your ex assuming things went well is probably thinking.

Wait… why isn’t she talking to me all of a sudden? What did I do wrong? Did she find someone else?

This is exactly what you want him to think.

The more he has thoughts like this…

The more that he thinks your a hot commodity…

The more he thinks a man could potentially enjoy time with you…

The more likely he is to asking you to be his girlfriend again.

And that’s how you get your ex boyfriend back.

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