The Tinder man myth: Dating apps aren’t sex or love detectors, though they do come in handy | #tinder | #pof

Dating apps may be fun, but don’t be fooled, they are not a short cut to finding love and meaningful sex.

Truth is, men aren’t engaging in as much intercourse as this dizzying rock we call the world would have you think. Five years ago, The Kinsey Institute revealed that more than half of single men aged 18 to 29, hadn’t had sex in the preceding year.

Well, sorry to burst your rose-coloured bubble. Everyone, but date aids like Tinder, has done absolutely nothing to alter this statistic. I was drawn to the flaming red ember a few years back while locked in my room, working on a Masters thingamabob. Tinder was an enticing distraction from this self-imposed cell, and within a week I had lined up a series of dates, each off the back of one swift virtual tête-à-tête.

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