The truth about Too Hot to Handle’s casting call | #tinder | #pof

The decision to omit Too Hot to Handle‘s entire premise for the purpose of capturing contestants’ responses on-camera almost worked too well. According to O magazine, a few contestants nearly packed up and left on the very first day of shooting. 

“I was shocked. I was upset,” recalled Francesca Farago. “I had already formed a little bit of a connection [with other members of the cast] at that point,” she said. Though “[other people in] the group thought it was hilarious,” Farago described the revelation as traumatizing.

Fellow contestant Sharron Townsend was equally shocked. “You all could have kept me home,” he quipped, exclaiming that he “could’ve done a church retreat at home” if he wanted a vacation sans sexual contact.

In the end, both Farago and Townsend decided to ride it out. “After a day of thinking about it, I realized it was for the best,” Farago said.

We think they made the right choice — if anything, the entire cast of Too Hot to Handle made a more than memorable, binge-worthy experience for the rest of us to gorge on.

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