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Hinge Dating Site & App Review

Hinge Dating Site & App, that’s designed to be deleted in a good way or a bad way let’s find out. The dating app, hinge which its slogan is the dating app that’s “designed to be deleted”. The question is, are you deleting it because it’s a bad app or are you deleting it because you found your love? Five key aspects of hinge app in this online dating review. So I’m going to be going over.

Meet Hinge Singles:

1) What are the Demographics of the Hinge?
2) Effectiveness of Hinge App?
3) Does Hinge have any unique features?
4) How does hinge ease of use work?
5) How much does Hinge cost?

Let’s dive right into this hinge review by talking about
1) What are the Demographics of the Hinge?: So hinge is basically the anti-tinder dating app. It wants to get you off of the app as soon as possible meaning. It wants to get you matched and meeting up with somebody and having success asap also being the anti-tinder app, where tinder is more for hookups and casual flings. Hinge is really designed for long-term relationships or at least something more than one night. It’s meant for people who are serious about finding love maybe mid-20’s or mid-30’s. That’s sort of the biggest age range though anyone 18 and up can use this site.

There are people of all ages for sure but it is kind of cool that there is a long-term dating geared type of site for people who are younger as well. It means of course younger people can use eharmony and match but the truth is a lot of the people on there just skew a little bit older. So to have one for young people I mean it really does make the anti-tinder app thing is true because, it does have the young people like tinder does but it’s for a different demographic of young people, Hindu spokespeople claim that the male to female ratio of their over 5 million-plus members is pretty 50 to 50.

The majority of its members about 50 percent of them are from America and the next popular countries are Canada, Australia, and the UK. The thing is though that the demographics and the type of people using this app are always changing from an hour to now to a week to now to a month.

2) Effectiveness of Hinge App?: Let’s discuss about the effectiveness of hinge, hinge bases its effectiveness on quality over quantity. So unlike a lot of other dating apps, you won’t get bombarded with dozens and dozens and dozens of potential matches a day. Rather you get a little bit less, but the matches that you are presented with are much more suited for you and what type of relationship and person that you are looking for. Of course, the whole point of hinge is to meet in person they really encourage this in every step of the dating process. So they encourage talking having real deep conversations in meeting in real life to potentially start a relationship, but a relationship type that you are looking for.

So in that way it is more effective than some other sites because even if a website might be bigger maybe something like tinder doesn’t necessarily mean it’s more effective for the type of relationship that you are looking for long-term relationships. Tinder might not be the best way to go about it but hinge is a really good alternative rather than back and forth messaging getting ghosted maybe never meeting up like what happened on some other sites. Unhinge you do have a better chance of meeting in person because the whole site is geared toward that happening. So you and the person you’re talking to will both have it in the back of your mind. They probably going to try to meet with this person, if we click rather than you know I’m going to talk to this person and maybe never talk to them again because I’m bored and again.

Hinge does have millions of members and a lot of active users. So there’s a large pool of people to choose from but of course, the effectiveness of any dating site does ultimately come down to you. How you talk to people and most importantly how your online dating profile is set up. If you want to have success in online dating, you have to have a solid online dating profile that is the first impression that any potential match is going to get of you, and you want to set that first intention, first intention is the first impression right.

3) Does Hinge have any unique features?: Let’s discuss about some of the key features of hinge. So hinge doesn’t have the swipe left, swipe right features but rather it does have features where you can like, dislike or comment on somebody’s profile. The difference is that you can only like a key part of somebody’s profile, not the profile on the whole. So you could come and say on somebody’s picture that they posted or a certain prompt on their profile and this really encourages further conversation rather than you know basing everything off of a quick look on somebody’s photos and not reading their profile.

This encourages you to think deeply about what you’re going to say to them and respond specifically to an aspect of them that already just makes you pay more attention than you would. If you were just swiping left or right on an the app like tinder as a free member, you only get 10 likes a day. So you have to be choosy with them. So you can choose from a huge list of possible prompts to put in your profile and basically, they are a question that somebody could riff off of. So there are so many to choose from. They could be your favorite Disney movie to dating me is like dot you fill in the rest to what’s your favorite food or your last meal what would it be.

There are tons of prompts that you could choose from on hinge and which are the best ones to choose and also what are the best responses to prompts on hinge. One more main feature is popping up, go see that this is one of the best features of this site for sure because starting a convo can be really hard for both sides, and to have those prompts that really just push you in the right direction and that lead to fun flirty conversations is one of the best things that the site could have done honestly the “we met” feature. So a few days after you have told hinge that you went on a date with somebody. It’ll ask you if you did meet up and how did it go which you can answer and then it’ll prompt you to delete the app once you’ve met them.

So hinge is keeping its promise of the app that was “designed to be deleted” because it literally does prompt you to delete it once you met them. Another pretty cool feature of hinge is you can see who likes you actually for both free and premium paying memberships. The difference is that if you have a premium membership and you get to see people, everyone who’s liked you all at once whereas if you are a basic member, you can only see them one by one now.

4) How does hinge ease of use work?: Let’s discuss about the ease of use of hinge. So hinge actually has a simplified, clean design that is very easy to use and easy to understand for beginners or if you are a veteran of dating sites, the sign-up process is very easy. You can use your phone number to verify it and you can upload the six obligatory photos as well as fill out the basic information like location, age, hometown, and so on or you can use Facebook and speed up the process even further.

There you’ll be required to give crucial information about yourself like your religious beliefs, your political beliefs whether you drink, use drugs or if you want children or if you have children and just some basic information about yourself, your likes, dislikes and what you’re looking for from other people, what we’re looking for from you.

5) How much does Hinge cost?: Let’s discuss about the pricing of hinge. So you can use hinge for free but if you want to get premium upgraded features that make the site so much easier and more fulfilling to use. Then you can pay for a premium membership and there are a few tiers you can choose from you can do a one month, a three month or a six-month membership and this is what it costs for a one-month membership. It’ll cost you $19.99 for a three-month membership, it’ll cost you $39.99 and for six months it’ll cost you $59.99.

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When you become a member, you can get access to premium filters which lets you search for more specifics from your potential matches. You also get unlimited likes and you can see everyone who has liked you in one fell swoop. You also gain access to unlimited likes and you can see everybody who has liked you. So the premium features aren’t that different than normal hinge but they might be worth it if you were really looking for low.

So hinge is a pretty solid choice for a dating app especially if you’re a younger person who wants something long-term and serious. The whole aspect of this app is designed to be deleted is really cool and very unique because it’s not trying to use tactics to make you stay on the site longer and that it seems to be working on pretty well there’s a lot of success stories of hinge online.

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