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Sales of sex dolls are through the roof, and American workers are drinking on the job. That sentence was brought to you by the coronavirus.

Sex Doll Genie, which bills itself as the ”largest sex doll store in the world,” reported a sales spike in February and March. Demand from single males of all sexual orientations more than doubled in the company’s first quarter of 2020, with a 51.6 percent increase in sales between February and March. Orders placed by single females grew 15.8 percent in the same period, according to the company.

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“We are seeing the sex doll industry go through a revolution during the COVID-19 pandemic with a huge increase in orders from both couples and male and single females,” said Sex Doll Genie CEO Janet Stevensen, who co-founded the company with her husband, Amit. “Couples who have been quarantined together seem to be much more open to trying something new after possibly experimenting more during the lockdown.
“We are also seeing more single men and women placing orders for the first time; we think this is because they view solo play as a safer alternative to dating apps like Tinder right now.”

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Stevensen said attitudes about sex dolls are changing. People stuck at home are open to trying new things, she said. This is bringing the sex doll industry into the mainstream. Average customers now are the “highly educated, single males and females between 30-40 years old and with high-income, heterosexual married couples looking to add a new dimension to their sex life together.”
Sex Doll Genie carries more than 2,600 sex doll designs from 16 different brands. The store’s three best-selling dolls are the ”adventurous, survivalist Frankie,” “H-cup Daria,” and “male doll, Lucas.”

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Drinking on the Job

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  • Richard Murff
  • Working from home with a tall work boot full of local brew

Tennesseans are drinking on the job. Or, so says the folks from Fishbowl, a website for professionals to discuss workplace issues.

A Fishbowl survey found that nearly 43 percent of Tennesseans were boozing while working from home.

The stat goes along with other, sadder national stats. Fifty-four percent of workers fear losing their jobs right now. Teachers report that less than half of students are showing up for remote classes. About 62 percent of working parents say they cannot juggle childcare while working from home.

To, perhaps, lighten the mood, Fishbowl asked professionals “Do you ever drink alcohol while working from home?” The answer was yes, but not a resounding yes. Of the 12,895 surveyed across the country, nearly 42 percent said they did drink on the clock.

North Carolina had the highest rate at nearly 47 percent. Arkansas had the lowest drinking-on-the-clock rate with about 29 percent saying they did imbibe while on the job.

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  • Flyer staff drinking, er, “working” hard so you don’t have to!

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