The way to win in college basketball may now include analytics, transfer portal experts and … brand managers? – The Athletic | #speeddating | #tinder | #pof | #blackpeoplemeet


In many ways, and not just because Roy Williams retired in April and Mike Krzyzewski announced he’ll do the same after this season, Kentucky coach John Calipari is the face of a sport suddenly grappling with a tidal wave of change. That face has a furrowed brow. There’s no easy answer for how best to address seismic shifts in the way men’s college basketball does business. And yes, soon enough, it will officially be business. That’s a big piece of this complex problem Calipari and his coaching counterparts are trying to solve: What exactly should a modern staff look like?

The NBA’s analytics revolution is trickling down to the college level, the NCAA’s new one-time transfer rule has led to a staggering number of players on the move, and any day now, student-athletes will finally be allowed — in some yet-unspecified capacity — to profit from their name, image and likeness.


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