Theresa delashmit

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Ok I meet this scamer on The reason i fall in her trap it was because we have a conversation by skype and she looks like the woman in the photos, then she ask me for a fare plane tickets from mossouri to NYC , i send the money by money gram waltmar to waltmart to misouri, then she claim that her mother was mortally ill and she has to go to canada she ask me for more money for spences, i did it same way . then she claim that she was about to get more money from her death father and she ask me for 1500 more, i send it but this time was in somebody name Sylvester Atitson, then she clail that she got 150 of gold from her father , she send me a certificate (false) then she was ready to come but she was stop at the airport for smuggle gold with out paying taxes and she want me to send her 3000 more to pay the police to let her go. i did not send this time and she got mad.
I noticed that iam not the only one been SCAMM by this person. i want this person put away, i reported her with the FBI as well . Be care full with this person she is a Professional .