12 thoughts on “they call it a slave it doesent get paid – Sayvyer behayvyer

  1. jachead

    Man to bad there is no time machine that I know of cause this would of took
    off in 1990. I think the world would be a better place.

  2. Jamus Hughes

    @TheGCW you rock too when ya comin to the beach?

  3. Jamus Hughes

    i wrote the lyrics on a recite and my slave cd drive is not working write
    in my system

  4. Jamus Hughes

    why do i have to tresspass on someone elses land to get paid to get a speck
    of land for myself for it to be tresspast on

  5. Jamus Hughes

    @jachead people are not inatimit time is inatimit

  6. Jamus Hughes

    my ass freedom of religion my ass is not even here het im not a tresspasser

  7. Jamus Hughes

    when i work i am usuly on someone elses land

  8. TheGCW

    Ye ah!! my Brotha!! You Rocked it in this Video.

  9. feathermouth

    So many new energies in this sizzling soup!!

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