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On August 22 at UCSF Medical Center near their home in Auburn, California, the transplant was successfully performed, and Lisa’s kidney was accepted by Dan’s body.

Though the Summers are back to normal with their son Jasper, they have a new appreciation for life.


“Being able to see him in front of me just holding my son’s hand or when he lifts him or those fun moments,” Lisa said. “It’s like there’s an extra appreciation to it, that my son gets to have his father growing up, you know.”


The Summers are now also advocating for kidney donation and are firm believers that the sacrifice can go a long way.


“There’s a shortage of donors that are out there right now and there’s a number of people that are in kidney failure. And dialysis is not a fun thing,” Dan said. “On a live donor they can get 10 to 20, sometimes 30 years if the match is really good.

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