This is How Indians Are Dating in 2020 | #tinder | #pof

Social distancing has not meant disconnecting for online dating, with a sharp rise in swipe volume and conversation length members have found a way to stay connected. A quick poll on Tinder Instagram revealed much about how Indian singles are forming, sustaining, and creatively hacking digital connections. Also Read – Coronavirus India Update: Over 78K Fresh Cases, 971 Deaths in 24 Hours; Modi Urges People to Follow COVID-appropriate Behaviour

The pandemic has taught us how to date- Virtually. Don’t believe us? During the pandemic, millions of users are readjusting their dating lives. What would have been a casual coffee date or romantic dinner date night or long drive is now long hours of chatting, video calls, and FaceTime, leading to meaningful conversations that spark an emotional connection. Also Read – COVID-19 Likely to Rise in Winters: Why India Should Fear Next 3 Months

When it comes to flirty messages, it’s texting FTW with 72% preferring to text over sending voice notes. What’s cookin’? Apparently not much! While dinner dates are still hot favourites, Gen-Z prefers to send food over to their date before an online date rather than have a virtual cook-off. 77% said they would rather stay in their PJs on video dates (amen) and let’s just agree that texting is timeless. Also Read – Previously Infected with ‘Common Cold’? It May Decrease the Severity of Coronavirus: Study

Here are the Quaratinder poll results, check it out:

1. Dinner dates now mean…

Cooking together on video: 30% | Sending each other food: 70%

2. Flirting is easier through…

Texts: 72% | Voice notes: 28%

3. On video dates I get ready by…

NOT wearing pants: 77% | I even use perfume: 23%

4. For IRL dates my dress code is…

Match mask with the outfit: 34% | Any mask -shrug emoji: 66%

5. When we meet my match gets a…

Handshake: 39% | Elbow touch: 61%

6. Kissing them after the date…

I’d still do it: 70% | I’m not ready yet: 30%

In over six months of social distancing, engagement and length of conversation have been high. At its peak, swipe volume among members in India was up 32% and the conversations were longer with more messages being sent. May 3rd was the peak of this chattiness: on that day Tinder members sent an average of 60% more messages vs. the start of lockdowns in early March.

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