Three Irish cities named among ‘Best Cities in Europe for Singles’ | #tinder | #pof

Finding love can not only be challenging but also tiring. Whether you’re looking for human companionship, or are just someone to help split the rent, you’ll improve your chances no end by looking in the right place. 

Luckily, global travel site Big 7 Travel has released the official list of the ’50 Best Cities in Europe for Singles 2019′.

Using data from Eurostat, individual country Census statistics, dating app usage and a survey of singles across Europe, the popular travel website discovered which cities are best for dating and enjoying single life.

Limerick was the highest ranked Irish city to make the cut, coming in at No.10, with Galway and Dublin also placing.

According to Big 7 Travel, Limerick holds the honour of second most popular Tinder city in the worldIt is also the only Irish one that made the top 10 most popular cities on Tinder.

Galway was placed at 42nd on the list, with Big 7 Travel noting that the county has the highest percentage (at 53.3% ) of single people in Ireland, “making it extra easy to find your very own Galway Girl”.

Meanwhile Belfast in Northern Ireland was also included in the list at No 29, with 46.6% of the city’s population – or a grand total of 106,568 – reportedly single.

Dublin just missed out on cracking the top 10, coming in at no. 13.

Writing about your chances of bagging a guy or girl in the Irish capital, Big 7 Travel say: “You’ll have the luck of the Irish when it comes to dating in Dublin, as it’s the 14th most popular city in Europe for Tinder Passport users.

“Daire, a 27 year old Financial Advisor and Entrepreneur from Dublin, was even named as one of the Top 30 Most Swiped Singletons on Tinder in 2019.”

Stockholm in Sweden topped the list, with 34% of Swedes using dating apps to find love, meaning singles in Stockholm can easily find a match.

Top 10 Cities for Singles in 2019:

10th – Limerick, Ireland
9th – Tallinn, Estonia
8th – Oxford, England
7th – Paris, France
6th – Geneva, Switzerland
5th – Berlin, Germany
4th. London, England
3rd – Oslo, Norway
2nd – Madrid, Spain
1st – Stockholm, Sweden

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