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For New York City dating guru Tiffany “Tiff” Baira, meeting a potential mate isn’t just fun — it’s her “favorite hobby.”

“I’m definitely the Samantha of my friend group,” Baira told The Post, referring to the promiscuous character on HBO’s “Sex and the City.” “I’ve woken up to a lot of sweaty strangers.”

So when the 23-year-old decided to start making TikTok videos with dating tips and advice during quarantine, it’s no wonder they quickly went viral.

“I started with a dating tour guide of Manhattan … my first video was about the best places to meet rich eligible bachelors in New York’s downtown scene,” she explained.

In the video — which has racked up nearly 50,000 views since she posted it in June — the New Orleans native lists all the bars and restaurants where moneyed men like to hang out. She starts by listing the Beekman Hotel in Fidi, saying, “I would recommend going there with a little notebook … and if you’re just like, ‘Oh I’m doing notes, I’m studying,’ they will want to talk to you and buy you a dirty vodka martini.”

She also mentions the Box on the Lower East Side and Paul’s Baby Grand, also known as Paul’s Cocktail Lounge, in Tribeca as hot spots where deep-pocketed singles like to mingle.

Her witty style of mentioning popular Big Apple establishments mixed with funny and specific comments really struck a chord with viewers.

“I think everyone was really excited to see these places that they’ve been as well, and they’re like, ‘Oh my God, I miss this place’ or ‘I had such fun nights there’ or ‘I met my boyfriend there,’?” said the Lower East Side resident. “It was a way for all of us to come together virtually.”

Baira also cites her own wistfulness for the days before COVID-19 as her inspiration for making the videos.

“I was so nostalgic and missing my New York life,” she said. “There was such a sadness in me seeing the city change and not knowing what was going to happen, so in making these videos, I felt like I had a small piece of my old self back.”

Shortly after, she started putting up tons of “Where to Meet NYC’s Most Eligible Bachelors” clips like “Musician Edition,” “Wall Street Edition” and “Fashion Edition.” Her video “Best Place in NYC if You’re Looking for a One Night Stand” racked up a whopping 452,000 views.

Tiffany “Tiff” Baira
Tiffany “Tiff” BairaCourtesy

“It was really great to foster this community for all of us to just look back and celebrate all the good times we had,” said Baira, whose TikTok account now boasts nearly 84,000 followers.

But in July, she posted another type of clip titled “Top Three Lame Excuses Men Use When They are Not Into You” that focused on self-esteem and body positivity.

“Not everyone has taste, so that’s probably why they’re not into you,” she says to the camera in the video with nearly 600,000 views. “If he wants to go find the Walmart version of you, let him go, sis, because you are too opulent to put up with any f–kboy that makes you feel less than the divine creature that you are.”

After posting, Baira’s DMs were flooded with pleas for help about their dating lives. That’s when she started offering private sessions to offer dating insights to clients looking for love.

“A lot of people have this illusion that as soon as you move to New York, you’re instantly on ‘Sex and the City,’ you’re wearing Manolo Blahniks and you’re looking at a penthouse with Mr. Big,” she said. “But really, for most of us, you pull up in your Dr. Martens, you have a five-story walk-up and you don’t know if you’re going to be eating 99-cent pizza for the rest of your life.”

And it wasn’t always smooth sailing for Baira, who, after moving to New York to attend Pace University, had to learn the hard way how to navigate the city’s dating scene.

“I’ve seen the underbelly of dating, the toxicity and sadness that can be in the city,” she said. “Now, I can be that girl that’s lived all those bad decisions so you don’t have to.”

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