TikTok: Noida teen takes his life due to less likes | #facebookdating | #tinder | #pof

Social media websites across the world run on invisible algorithms these days. These algorithms are automated data-powered processes that push one post over the other. They also result in pushing a post from one user over the other. Most of the times the sequence of the posts on the automated feeds is determined from the algorithms. This likely means that they are not controlled by any particular user on the website. Certain parameters such as a large following can influence the place of a post in the feed. However, one has to actually gain the following in the first place. Most users from platforms such as TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are engaged in a quest to gain more likes. Also Read – TikTok hacked: Popular short-video app hacked by 2 developers to display security vulnerabilities

Noida teen takes extreme measure over less TikTok likes

Users usually engage in this quest for more likes in hopes to gain more followers. The follower number can also likely lead to a false sense of popularity and social standing. However, a lack of the number of likes, popularity, and followers can likely affect the mental health of several users. Several studies have also noted that the quest for likes, followers and engagement can take a toll on users. According to a recent report, a Noida teen took an extreme measure. As per the report, the teen took his life after being “depressed”. Also Read – TikTok crosses 1 billion downloads on Google Play Store

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Taking a closer look, the 18-year old TikTok user was unhappy that he was not getting “likes” on his content. Noida Sector 39 police noted the report about the incident in Salarpur. As per the information, the police immediately reached the location after receiving the alert. Also Read – Indian government reportedly asked TikTok, Facebook to remove misinformation on coronavirus

The police noted that it was investigating the case amidst preliminary information. Authorities could not find any suicide note. The police will also continue to dig in the case to find more information.

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