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Tinder the dating network is transformed into times of confinement.

The coronavirus crisis has turned like a sock around some of the customs that we all carried out with complete naturalness. That of look for a partner, have a date and meet her for a drink to get to know us better It could be a routine so little relevant that now, with the Covid-19 at home, it has become a privilege.

That is why business models like Tinder’s, which are based on contact between two people who, first chat, then meet and later establish a relationship, have been seriously disrupted. What other alternative do you have to continue emulating Cupid? Well, obviously, adapt to these times of teleworking and conversations through video calls.

Tinder prepares important changes

So with an eye toward offering useful alternatives while the pandemic and confinement constraints last, Tinder is preparing a great update that will give alternatives to all user sensitivities. Both those who want to maintain face-to-face contact, in the first person, and those more fearful of the disease and who prefer to stay home to date thanks to a video call.


This strategy involves offering users, once they have obtained a match from someone else, have a video conversation as first contact, in case they don’t want (or can’t) run the risk of going outside. Right now for example, and in many regions of Spain, it would not be possible to keep an appointment: there are no establishments to go for a drink, and hours are even restricted to stroll.

These platform plans have been discovered thanks to internal documents in which it is revealed that these video chats will arrive for the “end of the second quarter” of the year, that is, approximately June. By then, these virtual dates could be ready through Tinder. But there is more, the same sources warn of other important measures to combat the coronavirus crisis and the restrictions imposed on the movement of people around the world.

In any case, the same sources speak that, faced with a possible change in the general circumstances, the company could be forced to rethink other measures that adapt its service to all the inconveniences that could occur due to the coronavirus crisis. As you can see, and although there is not much data, the dating app is clear that it will be a particularly busy few months in which it will be crucial to adapt quickly to what its users require. Would you have a video appointment through Tinder?

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