Tinder and Only Fans become a trend and memes invade social networks | #tinder | #pof


Tinder and Only Fans become a trend and memes invade social networks | Pxfuel

Social networks woke up as mischievous, a huge stir caused Tinder and Only Fans They will be positioned as trends since the dawn of today and of course, the memes did not wait.

According to netizens, they weren’t exactly looking for something innocent to linger on, so apparently Twitter He was @rd! endo from a very early hour.

A debate was opened among some users who say that on Tinder you are not exactly looking for a stable partner, but to have a very good time, even more!

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On the other hand, other people took advantage of the moment to share their experiences in the application, a person claims to have found the love of his life and is already committed to marriage; while someone else pointed out that it is a failure since he had no activity on the first day.

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What p3d0 with the subnormal who enter #tinder and think it was created to find who to marry ?, wrote an intern.

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Me realizing that #onlyfans and #tinder are trending at 5 in the morning, it can be seen accompanied by a naughty face.

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In any situation, Twitter always reacts quickly and timely and almost always, in the most fun way; surely this will not be the first or the last time that these words become a trend.

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