Tinder Asked Indians their ‘Quarantine Date Stories’ and it Looks Like a Lockdown on Dating | #tinder | #pof

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‘It all started on Date 22nd March,’ said one Twitter user, while the other one said , ‘We matched she never replied. The end.’

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  • Last Updated: May 12, 2020, 12:12 PM IST

The country-wide lockdown has dampened dating prospects for many. The restrictions imposed to control the spread of infectious coronavirus in March have brought pretty much everything to a halt. No offices, no hangouts with friends, no social life.

For a quick reality check, dating app Tinder took to Twitter asking people about their ‘quarantine date story’. The replies are hilarious with people saying how the lockdown affected their dating in the wittiest way.

“It all started on Date 22nd March,” said one Twitter user, while the other one had the most relatable story ever in times like these. “Mostly it starts with how many covid cases you have in your area….” he wrote.

“We matched she never replied. The end,” said another person.

Here are some of the witty replies:

Dating has been a casualty in the lockdown with social distancing norms. From the start of the curbs and the outbreak of the covid-19 disease, paranoia overtook and people preferred distance over the risk of contracting infection. In some cases, couples had to distance from each other because of the infection.

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