Tinder Backflips On Black Lives Matter Bans | #tinder | #pof

Online dating app Tinder is under fire after it was revealed users had been banned for promoting the Black Lives matter movement.

In recent weeks a number of users have taken to social media complaining they had been banned from the app for promoting “black lives matter”.

Buzzfeed News also reported it had received “more than a dozen” examples of people they’d used Tinder to encourage people to donate and show up to protests.

Many of these accounts were suspended or banned.

Tinder’s guidelines state that accounts cannot be used for “promotional purposes”, meaning the company has simply been enforcing its own policy in banning these users.

However, the decision to ban these users soon sparked outrage.

On June 1, Tinder posted a statement announcing it had donated to Black Lives matter and that they “stand with our Black members, employees and the Black community everywhere”.

The post has attracted a number of responses of users outlining issues with the app.

“But you banned me for sending a link to promote BLM… make it make sense,” said one user.

“Hey tinder you banned me (and others) for putting a link to donate to #blacklivesmatter you don’t care about black lives if you silence your members,” said another.

Following the backlash, Tinder has since revealed it will no longer be banning these accounts.

“From time to time, our members use Tinder to engage with topics they care about,” a company spokesperson told Buzzfeed News.

“And while our community guidelines state that we may remove accounts used for promotional purposes, we are dedicated to enforcing our guidelines in line with our values.

“We have voiced our support for the Black Lives Matter movement and want our platform to be a place where our members can do the same.”


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