Tinder Celebrates Dating in 2020 With New Video | #tinder | #pof

We’re living in unprecedented times marked by social distancing and limited in-person interactions. This, however, has not stopped Gen Z from dating, forging new bonds and getting to know new people. They have risen above constraints and managed to discover moments of joy, chemistry and serendipity even in a year such as this.

It’s exactly this spirit and resilience that Tinder celebrates in their latest video. Before we tell you more, watch it here.

The video beautifully shows you how young India didn’t let the pandemic define dating for them.

When it comes to dating, Gen Z has always made their own rules and moved at their own pace, and this was evident in 2020 too, the restrictions not withstanding. They came up with ingenuous ways of meeting people and in the process, redefined dating what looks like.

What makes the film all the more relatable is that it draws inspiration from stories of real-life Tinder users. These are people we all know. Whether it’s a game of hopscotch, a virtual dance party or a bicycle date, the video is full of moments brimming with joy and optimism. It shows you that human connection is enduring, come what may, and has the ability to thrive even in tough times like these.

The film brillianty captures how Gen Z is rewriting the rules of dating in the new normal.

In a year where we all could do with some extra human interaction and the warmth of someone’s company, this film inspires you to look beyond the conventional norms of dating. There are several ways to date and Tinder has always believed that it’s you that defines your dating experience.

It’s a friend and partner that you can count on as you live through these extraordinary times.

No one but you knows the kind of experiences you’re seeking. So keep swiping and start something epic #InOurOwnWay.

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