Tinder creep banned from dating app for stalking women across Australia is on Bumble | #tinder | #pof

A Tinder creep who was banned from the dating app after stalking and harassing several women when they rejected his advances has been spotted back online by one of his previous victims. 

Thomas McGuirk, 29, was caught out in September intimidating seven women from Sydney, Newcastle, Brisbane and Melbourne.

Women as far away as London reported having run ins with the handsome IT worker, who often used his looks to lure his victims before belittling them if he felt slighted.  

And Daily Mail Australia can reveal McGuirk is now on Bumble, just a month after he was identified using both Tinder and Hinge under a fake name. 

In December, McGuirk was found on the two dating apps going by James, or ‘J’ for short – but he has reverted back to using his real name and has mixed up his photo collection for a new profile on Bumble. 

Daily Mail Australia can reveal Thomas McGuirk is now using Bumble after being spotted on the dating app by one of his previous victims. Pictured: His new Bumble profile picture

One of McGuirk’s previous victims was scrolling through the feminist dating app on Friday night when she came across his profile, listed as ‘Tom’ from Sydney. 

She told Daily Mail Australia McGuirk tried to match with her, but by the time she went to view the request it had been deleted. 

McGuirk’s latest dating profile was verified as authentic by the company, a process which involves sending Bumble a selfie striking a specific pose that can be matched against other profile photos.  

The woman, who wished to remain anonymous, also continues to be trolled by a mystery account online that started harassing her shortly after she came forward in September to share her experience of being berated by McGuirk. 

In the past three weeks, the fake account has commented on photos of herself she has shared online, writing: ‘good memories’, alongside a wink face. 

When she asked what memories the person was referring to, the user replied ‘wetness’. 

The woman asked the person to identify themselves but they never responded.   

McGuirk’s latest dating endeavour comes after a woman, who didn’t want to be identified, revealed she matched with him on Tinder in December.  

Last month, Daily Mail Australia revealed McGuirk is back on both Tinder and Hinge, this time going by James, or ‘J’ for short. Pictured: His new Bumble profile

But she quickly realised it was the same man who just four months earlier made her feel so uncomfortable she stopped dating entirely.

The woman matched with McGuirk in August this year and the pair spoke constantly for about four weeks.

They met twice, both times at a neat apartment inside the Meriton Suites in Bondi Junction.

But his ‘God complex’, overt sexuality and several uncomfortable incidents led her to unmatch and block him entirely by late September. 

‘He considers himself Godlike,’ she previously told Daily Mail Australia.

She admitted she never felt quite at ease with McGuirk, but tried several times to look past out-of-left-field comments for the sake of trying to get to know him.

‘I’m American… I thought he was just extremely conservative. Very traditional, close-minded, but just very conservative,’ she explained.

‘James’ insists he is not the same man as McGuirk, but their similar profiles didn’t fool the woman. She said he also dropped hints throughout the conversation that they were one and the same

Thomas McGuirk, 29, was caught out in September intimidating seven other women from Sydney, Newcastle, Brisbane and Melbourne. Pictured: A photo from his new Hinge profile

McGuirk had suggested she ‘come around and film themselves having sex’. The woman declined and unmatched him on Tinder later in the evening. Pictured: A screenshot taken from the conversation, moments after he suggested recording the act

McGuirk had a long list of fetishes and labelled women ‘boring’ if they weren’t keen to try something that he suggested in the bedroom.

‘I’m pretty shy, I have a really hard time saying no to people,’ she said. But on Wednesday September 23, she decided enough was enough. 

McGuirk had suggested she ‘come around and film themselves having sex’. The woman declined and unmatched him on Tinder later in the evening.

Three days later, Ebonie Sanderson’s story broke in the media. She revealed she had been harassed and verbally abused by McGuirk. 

The woman followed along closely as a string of women came forward with stories that sounded similar to her own.

‘I couldn’t sleep… I wouldn’t say that lightly,’ she said.

 Ms Turunen, another victim, told Daily Mail Australia he made her uncomfortable from the outset

Tech worker Thomas McGuirk, 28, was sacked from his job after sending disgusting abuse to at least seven women he  met on Tinder after they refused to meet him

The woman visited McGuirk in his Bondi Junction apartment twice before deciding to unmatch with him

She decided against reporting what she knew for several reasons. The first was that while she was still debating what to do, she learned all of his accounts had been disabled and he’d lost his job.

She thought her coming forward would not help the situation any further.

But she was also worried that he would leak potentially damaging photographs of her.

While she was at his house on the second occasion, the woman was shocked to find a camera pointed directly at the pair. She confronted him about it, but he brushed it off.

Later that evening, he unexpectedly started taking photographs of her when she got out of the shower. Shocked and confused, the woman quickly gathered her belongings and left. 

Looking back, she wishes she had demanded he delete the photos while she was still there. 

Earlier this month, McGuirk’s former classmates came forward claiming he was repeatedly rejected in high school and bullied over his buck teeth.

A former schoolmate said she attended a private, religious school in Port Macquarie, on the New South Wales north coast, with McGuirk.

From Newcastle to Melbourne, Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Sydney and even London, victims have shared their horror stories with McGuirk. As one of the women put it: ‘It looks like he’s taking his bullsh*t on a national tour’

McGuirk has been outed for sending degrading and abusive messages to women along the east coast of Australia

The woman said that while ‘he should know better’ and was taught decent values at school, she wasn’t surprised to learn that he’d had so many vile run ins with women since graduating.

The woman claimed that McGuirk was ‘always super dweeby’ and ‘bordered on creepy’ throughout his time at the school.

She said his ‘teeth were too big for his face’, he suffered a speech impediment, and he copped a fair bit of unnecessary bullying for the condition.

‘He seems to have rapidly regained his confidence though and grown into his teeth,’ she said.

The former friend went on to say that McGuirk’s sister and mother are both still locals in the Port Macquarie region and are both highly respected in the community.

‘They are very, very good people and would be absolutely beside themselves with his recent behaviour,’ she said.

The ‘red flags’ that were there from day one  

McGuirk was hesitant to share any personal details with the woman, despite talking to her day in and day out for about a month.

Upon reflection, she says there were several red flags that probably should have stopped the rendezvous in its tracks even earlier, but she chose to ignore them. 

‘He wouldn’t tell me anything about himself. Not his last name, what he did for work, his family, nothing,’ she said. 

When she asked him about it, McGuirk told her that she ‘gave off stalker vibes’ and that he didn’t want her looking him up on social media.

The second time she went to his apartment, the woman found his bank card sitting on the kitchen bench. She saw his full name on it, and when she teased him about knowing his name, he ‘exploded’.

‘He told me I had to get out right then, he was so angry.’

Throughout their conversations, McGuirk would let slip tidbits of information, like that he had a sister in Port Macquarie, that he’d lived in London and Mexico. When asked about a scar on his chest, he swore he’d been shot.  

Looking back, the woman questions whether anything McGuirk ever told her was real. 

She’s not even sure whether the apartment they spent time in was actually his. 

‘There were absolutely no personal affects,’ she recalled. ‘Very few clothes, nothing lying around… He was meticulous.’

There were two laptops set up because he was ‘working from home’ during Covid, a surfboard which seemed strategically placed there and a ‘pair of flip flops which he said didn’t belong to him’. 

McGuirk only ever invited her to spend the night on Thursdays, and the apartment he claimed as his own is actually located within the short term rentals part of the building.

Sydney brewery supervisor Erin Hinds (pictured), 26, was also harassed by McGuirk after she broke off their brief fling

Daily Mail Australia understands he was active on Tinder as recently as Sunday, while he was last seen on Hinge on Tuesday afternoon

The woman said she now wouldn’t be surprised if she was told he had simply hired the apartment to invite her over. 

She has decided to share her story after her encounter with him on Tinder again this week.

She said everyone should have considered that he would just create new accounts , but she wanted to raise the alarm for women who mightn’t be aware of his ‘nasty streak’.  

Daily Mail Australia understands he was active on Tinder as recently as Sunday, while he was last seen on Hinge on Tuesday afternoon. 

Several other women share their experiences with Tom McGuirk 

Ebonie Sanderson, 26, Speech Pathology student in Sydney

Pictured: Ebonie Sanderson

Ebonie Sanderson was the first woman to speak publicly about the abuse she received from McGuirk. 

She said after they had arranged to meet up on Tinder, she became uncomfortable with his behavior and called the date off, leading to a torrent of abuse.    

‘Then all these voice messages came through, just abusive messages about my appearance, and my weight,’ she said. 

McGuirk bizarrely claimed to have ‘better genes’ that she knew ‘deep down’ made him ‘above’ her.

‘The fat liberal arts chick… teach me. I know you know deep down you are below me, that there is hierarchy in society,’ he wrote.

‘And the dysgenic like you are there to serve us. You are the inferiors.’

After sending the abusive messages, McGuirk called Ms Sanderson to abuse her for ‘wasting his time’ and calling her a ‘fat f**king pig’.  

‘You’re f***ing ugly. Your a** looks OKAY and you would have been one f***. You would have been just one f*** because you’re a disgusting fat pig.’ 

‘Look at my f***ing face. I don’t have to struggle to get laid. I especially don’t need a FOUR like you to get laid.’

Ms Sanderson blocked him on Snapchat and Instagram, but he added her another account and continued messaging her. 

Erin Hinds, 26, Brewery Supervisor in Sydney

Pictured: Erin Hinds 

Erin Hinds spent the night with McGuirk after matching with him on Tinder, and said he was pleasant up until the moment she told him she was not interested in pursuing anything further.   

‘I said sorry, I have changed my mind. It was fun but we really don’t have chemistry. That is when he flipped the switch,’ the brewery supervisor from Sydney told Daily Mail Australia.

‘He went crazy.’

‘He started calling me a w***e and a s**t then taking pictures of my friends from social media and sending them to me saying that we are all retards, disgusting w****s with bad dental hygiene, and s***ts only worth one f**k each.’ 

Ms Hind said he went on to target her friends and threaten to stalk her at work before contacting some of her friends and asking for her home address. 

She quickly blocked him on all of her social media accounts.

The next day, she matched with a guy called ‘Ryan’ on Tinder, who later claimed he was a friend of McGuirk and the pair had a good laugh at her expense.

‘He said he remembered where I worked and threatened to come in,’ Ms Hinds said. 

In messages provided to Daily Mail Australia, ‘Ryan’ told Ms Hinds that he and McGuirk expected ‘excellent customer service’, to remember to ‘smile’ and that ‘customers are always right’. 

Jess Turunen, Beauty Vlogger and Empowerment Coach on the Gold Coast

  Pictured: Jess Turunen

Beauty vlogger Jess Turunen matched with McGuirk in May 2020 on the Gold Coast.

She told Daily Mail Australia they got along well for a few days, but some of his opinions made her uncomfortable.

McGuirk called her ‘white trash’ and said he was disappointed in her taste in men prior to him.

‘After a few days he began asking what my type was and I explained that I really don’t have one. My ex-husband was a redhead and my last partner was black,’ she said. 

When she realised just how serious McGuirk was, Ms Turunen suggested he seek a girlfriend elsewhere. 

Even though she never met him, Ms Turunen was harassed by McGuirk both on Tinder and later on Instagram after he found her account.   

‘I was quite traumatised by it all,’ she said. 

‘I’m glad he’s been called out because its frankly not fair.’  

Several other women also contacted Daily Mail Australia to share their experiences with McGuirk, read about them here. 

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