Tinder ‘creep’ fired after sending Sydney woman vile messages | #tinder | #pof

A man who was exposed for bombarding women he met on Tinder with “vile” messages when they rejected his advances has lost his job.

Ebonie Sanderson, 26, shared horrific audio messages she received from the Sydney man after he called her a “disgusting fat pig” when she politely declined to meet him for sex.

Her post quickly gained the attention of well-known feminists Clementine Ford and Nadia Bokody who shared Ebonie’s post and it quickly went viral.

As a result, the man’s employer fired him and other women have come forward with claims of abuse from the same guy.

Tinder have also confirmed his account has been removed from the dating app.

“I never ever imagined my post would be seen and heard by this many people, but there has been an overwhelming amount of girls come forward and share their awful experiences with this man,” Ebonie told news.com.au.

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“He deserved to lose his job, his CEO did an amazing job at taking action and firing him effective immediately.

“His behaviour outside of work is definitely related to his behaviour in the workplace.”

Ebonie went on to explain that while she never expected her post to blow up, this sort of “awful behaviour” is sadly all too common.

“The truth is, this happens more than we think,” she said. “So many women resonated with this kind of sexist, abusive behaviour and it was really sad to discover just how real it is.

“I also think us women often cater for this behaviour far too often, we’re so polite and let disrespectful men treat us this way without any consequences.”

Ebonie matched with the Sydney man on the popular dating app Tinder on Friday before he began messaging about meeting up, becoming increasingly persistent it needed to happen that night.

“That was when I started to feel uncomfortable,’ she said, explaining on Instagram she turned him down “nicely” before he turned abusive.

“This is what happens when you say NO or call out a man for being disrespectful!!!” she wrote. You apparently earn yourself the right to get verbally abused and fat shamed on more than one platform.

“No I didn’t ‘ask for it’ and yes, I’m entitled to change my mind and tell someone I’m not interested anymore because I feel uncomfortable and intimidated by ones aggressive and forceful nature.”

The speech pathology student went on to say the “worst part” was that she had felt pressure to reject his aggressive advances in a gentle manner, describing this as a “big problem”.

“The worst part about this attack, is the fact that I felt the need to be nice when turning him down, telling him he’s good looking and will find someone else for the night and then apologising for feeling uncomfortable!!!! THAT IS A BIG PROBLEM,” she said.

Alongside her post were the audio messages the man sent her after Ebony rejected him, hurling abuse at her over her size and appearance.

“You’re actually a fat f***ing pig. You know that? Thanks. You did waste my time,” he said.

“You’re f***ing ugly. Your a** looks OKAY and you would have been one f**k. You would have been just one f**k because you’re a disgusting fat pig.”

The man’s boss told Daily Mail Australia he was “shocked and disgusted” by the messages, adding there was “no place in our workplace for someone who treats women with that amount of disrespect”.

Tinder have also taken action, removing the man’s dating profile from the app.

“We take the safety and security of our members very seriously and have a zero-tolerance policy for online harassment,” a Tinder spokesperson told news.com.au.

“The profile in question was removed from Tinder after being reported.”

Ebonie has since updated her original post to reflect the CEO’s decision, earning praise from the hundreds of women who supported her.

“He makes me sick to my stomach. I can’t believe there are men out there like this. Well done for calling this guy out,” one said.

“Well done you for calling him out, and pointing out how incredibly wrong and hateful this behaviour is,” another said.

“Thank you for speaking out, no human deserves to be treated this way,” someone else wrote.

Others labelled the behaviour “vile” and “disgusting”, adding Ebonie was incredibly “brave” to speak out.

“I feel sick that you had to go through this,” one commented.

“You are gorgeous and the way he spoke was just insane,” another said. “I’m so sorry that happened to you, what a horrible human,” someone else posted.

More women have since come forward to share their own experiences with the 28-year-old.

Erin Hinds, 26, matched with him last month and spent the night with him after sharing a drink together in Bondi.

But two days later he bombarded her with horrible messages when she said she wasn’t interested in pursuing anything further.

“I said sorry, I have changed my mind. It was fun but we really don’t have chemistry. That is when he flipped the switch,” Ms Hinds told Daily Mail Australia.

“He went crazy.”

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