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Fairview Park, Ohio

Disturbance, Lorain Road

On May 29 a man reported a disturbance in front of the Onyx Health Club where he was reportedly pushed by the gym’s manager. The manager had his doors propped open to move in new equipment when the man approached, using a leaf blower, blowing dirt and debris into the business. The manager said he approached and asked him to stop, but instead, the man pointed the working leaf blower into his face. The manager said he then pushed past the man and into the truck with his new equipment. The original caller claimed he was pushed, unprovoked, but an independent witness confirmed that the caller turned the working leaf blower into the manager’s face. After some discussion, both parties desired no action.

Fairview Park Police

Disturbance, Mastick Road

On May 31 officers responded to a residence on a report of multiple people fighting. When officers arrived, the situation was chaotic and it turned out 12 people were involved, all but one having been drinking. Multiple versions of what occurred were given by those involved. Due to the alcohol impairment, a clear version of events was not possible to ascertain.

One woman, the resident of the home, ended up going to the hospital due to facial contusions, which she claimed were from three other women. Another man was found in the house with a black eye, caused by a fight with another man, but neither wanted anything done.

Assault, Mastick Road

On June 1 officers responded to a possible assault at the same residence from the previous night’s disturbance report. North Olmsted Police had an injured man at one of their gas stations who said he was assaulted at that house.

Arriving officers were given permission to check the house by the resident. Two women and four men were found in the house or outside. None of the people, other than a woman resident, had been present at the previous night’s incident. Drug paraphernalia, indicating cocaine use, was inside the house. Again, conflicting stories of what occurred were given by those present. The officer that went to speak with the victim in North Olmsted found him bloody, with a busted lip and missing teeth. The 24-year-old Cleveland man couldn’t recall what happened, but seemed sure it happened at that address. He thought it was going to be another Tinder date with the woman resident, but upon arrival found a group of people present. The next thing he remembers is being dragged out of the house after being assaulted. He was taken to the hospital by paramedics. The investigation continues.

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