Tinder dates during Covid-19: Can invite them to homes but at own risk, says US expert – world news | #tinder | #pof

America’s top infectious diseases expert has said that people in the country can invite Tinder dates over to their homes, but at their own risk. Dr Anthony Fauci was speaking to Vanity Fair magazine on the coronavirus pandemic.

Dr Fauci said that he knows people are in home quarantine, and might swipe on a dating app like Tinder, but they have to decide if they want to take that risk. It’s upto that person, said Dr Fauci, to decide whether he/she wants to “sit in a roon and have a chat or wants to go a little bit intimate”.

He warned of tremendous risk in terms of going for that sort of thing, because the Covid-19 infection has been spreading through asymptomatic people too.

Dr Fauci has been under fire from President Donald Trump for saying in a TV interview that lives could have been saved “had the country started mitigation earlier”.

Trump responded by reposting a tweet that included the line, “Time to #FireFauci,” raising alarms that Trump might consider trying to oust the 79-year-old doctor. But at Monday’s briefing, Trump insisted Fauci’s job was safe after Fauci took the podium to try to explain his comments.

Trump has complained to aides and confidants about Fauci’s positive media attention and his willingness to contradict the president in interviews and from the briefing room stage, according to two Republicans close to the White House. They spoke to news agency Associated Press on condition of anonymity because they were not authorised to discuss internal conversations.

But Trump has told aides that he knows blowback to removing Fauci would be fierce and that – at least for now – he is stuck with the doctor. On more than one occasion, however, he has urged that Fauci be left out of task force briefings or have his speaking role curtailed, according to the Republicans.

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