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Swipe With Friends helps you choose what to watch from the plethora of titles and streamers out there using a similar system to Tinder.

In today’s digital age, with so many titles and choices available in just one click, the decision can be a difficult one for many. Thankfully, a new app will help you and your friends and family pick what to watch together.

Swipe With Friends will help friends choose what to watch with each other on various streaming services and channels by using a sophisticated filtering system. Similar to the popular dating app Tinder, Swipe With Friends allows users to swipe through titles, swiping right for programs they want to watch and left for titles they reject.

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To begin, entertainment-seekers will have to go through a simple process. Users will be asked to send around a URL to the people in their party, so everyone is connected. Next, the app users will be able to select the streaming platforms and channels that they and their parties are using. Finally, the app will narrow down the potential viewing list by having users select genre, year of release, IMDb user ratings and more. After that, participants will all be able to sift through the choices until they come to a decision.

The app features popular streaming sites like Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max and Disney+, while also giving users the choice to decide from free platforms such as Crackle and IMDb TV. On top of these, Swipe With Friends added premium and basic cable channels to their filtering system. There is also a feature on that notifies users of what is streaming now, what will be coming to streaming sites soon and what is leaving.

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